Julian Perry is an Executive Copy Editor at The Tufts Daily. He is a junior studying political science and quantitative economics. Julian can be reached at [email protected]

Students, professors adjust to remote exams

Alternative to traditional in-person exams range from assigning open-book, take-home exams, often without strict time limits, to making students take timed exams under the supervision of a virtual proctor.

In fight for Senate, Tufts students look north to Maine

Democrat Sara Gideon, speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, is running against incumbent Republican Susan Collins, who has held the seat since 1997. Collins is New England’s sole Republican member of Congress, making her seat a target for the region’s Democrats.

For remote first-years, a different start to college

First-year Tufts undergraduates studying remotely this semester are taking on unique challenges, as they begin their college experience from around the world.

Music and activism converge at HONK! festival

“We started in isolation, we didn’t know that there were other street bands,” Elizabeth Wolff said of her band. “And then we got invited to HONK!” Wolff is a member of the Leftist Marching Band, one of 25 bands that descended upon Davis Square this weekend for HONK!, an annual festival of music and activism. […]