Julian Blatt

Julian is an assistant arts editor. He is a sophomore double-majoring in cognitive and brain sciences and international literary and visual studies. Julian can be reached at julian.blatt@tufts.edu.

Twenty One Pilots bring eclectic, inspired set to TD Garden

Content warning: This article discusses mental health. The musical style of Twenty One Pilots is impossible to place into a single category. Their music is eclectic, combining elements of alternative rock, emo rap, reggae and even, as some describe it, ‘ukulele screamo.’ The duo, consisting of frontman Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun, put on […]

Q&A: Inaugural Tufts Latinx Film Festival celebrates diversity, dialogue

While movies can amuse and entertain us, they also teach us a lot about ourselves and the society we live in. It is also important and beneficial to watch movies that depict the lives and societies of others, so we can develop a better understanding and appreciation of each other and begin to bridge the […]

Somerville Theatre presents third annual 70 millimeter film festival

Movies. They captivate us, entertain us, make us experience a gamut of emotions and perhaps even affect our view of the world. They deserve to be celebrated. Ian Judge, director of operations at the Somerville Theatre, recognizes the special importance of 70 millimeter (mm) film, which is a wider, higher-resolution format than the standard 35mm version. In […]

‘Sharp Objects’ cuts through the falsity of reality

Content Warning: This article discusses rape and self-harm. As students, we strive to be independent. Our futures are now ours to mold; we are finally in complete control of our lives. Nevertheless, our pasts will always remain with us. We love going home because it allows us the chance not only to reconnect with family and […]

Tufts Creatives: How to Jumbo at Tufts and beyond

Take the necessary risks to achieve your dreams. There will be a time when you can only get what you want by putting everything on the line. When the moment arrives, go for it. You won’t regret it. Understand that things won’t always work out for the best. Don’t waste time agonizing over why. Learn […]

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ premieres for prescient second season

The first season of “The Handmaid’s Tale” (2017–) ends on a note of foreboding uncertainty. Thrown into the back of a van that will either spirit her to salvation or cart her off to unimaginable punishment, June (Elisabeth Moss) can do nothing but wait and contemplate her unknown fate. Readers of the 1985 novel by Margaret […]

Tufts Creatives: Shining stars

As my first year draws to a close, I want to use the final edition of “Tufts Creatives” to reflect on my experience as a Daily columnist. Though I plan to continue writing television and movie reviews, I will forever cherish this experience. To everyone I interviewed, thank you for your time and your thoughtful answers, […]

Tufts Creatives: Bang it!

Everyone knows that hitting things is fun. But for senior Pranav Menon, the Beatsmaster of Bangin’ Everything At Tufts (BEATs), it’s also a passion. Menon believes that by making music with commonplace items, rather than instruments, BEATs performances are much more exciting and immersive than typical concerts. So if you want to enjoy an incredible […]

Tufts Creatives: Just because it is happening inside your head doesn’t mean it isn’t real

We have all experienced feelings of sadness and anxiety during our time at Tufts. For some, however, these emotions are much more pervasive. On Monday, junior Bri Pastro, the co-president of Active Minds at Tufts, helped organize the annual Mental Health Monologues, an event that aims to raise awareness about mental illness through the sharing of experiences and stories. […]

‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ returns with important message

If we were to “look away,” as the villainous thespian Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris) urges us to do in the opening theme of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” (2017-), we would foolishly give up the chance to venture into the beautiful yet tragic world of the Baudelaire orphans, whose boundless cunning and bravery necessitate […]