Juanita Asapokhai is a Features Editor at the Tufts Daily. She is a sophomore who has not yet declared a major. Juanita can be reached at [email protected]

Course evaluations: What are they used for, where do they go and how do they fail?

In the final weeks of each semester, Tufts students expect a familiar email in their inboxes, urgently inviting them to click on a link and complete their course evaluations. In return for completing the evaluation, students receive early access to their unofficial transcripts, allowing them to see their grades prior to the grading deadline. For […]

Tufts Garden Club tends to plants and the community

There’s life on Latin Way Rd.  Lying between Harleston Hall and Latin Way, the bustling movements of students traveling to and from their dormitories is interrupted by a fenced plot of plants, bright-colored vegetables and tall, leafy produce. This is Tufts University’s student-run garden, tended by the members of the Tufts Garden Club.  Since the […]

Layla Noor writes books that don’t exist yet

A young artist swaps her paintbrush for a keyboard and types her first creative work for an English class assignment. At 13, she publishes a short story on Wattpad, an online writing website that doubles as a digital library for self-published authors and a social media platform. As a high school senior, she takes a […]

Kognito prepares Tufts community to support peers in distress

In March 2020, Tufts Health and Wellness sent an email inviting students to participate in Kognito: a 30-40-minute online mental health education program that teaches students, staff and faculty how to engage a student who approaches them with mental health-related distress. In the program, the user interacts with a simulated student, and has the opportunity […]

ella jane makes indie pop music with a little bit of ‘What is this?’

Meet first-year student and singer-songwriter Ella Roth. As she describes in a TikTok video posted in early October, Roth, like many, started quarantine with isolation taking a toll on her mental health. But after her English teacher assigned her Advanced Placement Literature class a creative final project about any book they’d read that year, she emerged from her rut with an ear-wormy indie pop song inspired by the titular character of the classic novel “The Great Gatsby” (1925).

Offline October challenge puts online shopping on hold, prioritizes election mail

The initiative was a partnership between three campus organizations: JumboVote, a voter education and voting advocacy group; Tufts Labor Coalition (TLC), a workers’ rights advocacy group; and the Eco-Representatives (Eco-Reps), an environmental education and sustainability advocacy group.