Danes excels in ‘Homeland’ performance

  Many shows have tried to depict the United States’ war against terrorism, but few have been able to build the nervous tension of Showtime’s”Homeland.” Based on the popular Israeli show, “Hatufim” (2009−2010), the series follows CIA operative Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) as she investigates Sergeant Brody (Damian Lewis), whose loyalties may have shifted during the eight years in which […]

In Motion’ returns for sixth season

Fans of relationship dramas should start getting excited for the return of Tufts University Television’s (TUTV) original program, “In Motion,” which comes back today for its sixth season. The show, which is created, written and directed by Tufts senior Thomas Martinez, follows the lives of fictional Jumbos as they deal with college life and relationship […]

Authenticity makes ‘How to Make It in America’

Originally, “How to Make It in America” was touted as a partner show of “Entourage” (2004−2011). Both are produced by Mark Wahlberg and both have similar focuses, like male friendships and surviving in difficult businesses. While “Entourage” remained pretty soulless during its run, however, “How to Make It in America” takes a different direction. The […]

Save Our Show | ‘Community’ deserves better than its low ratings

“Save Our Show” is a recurring feature that examines television programs that, despite their low ratings, are of high quality, interesting and worth watching. These programs deserve larger audiences and season renewals — and we’re imploring our readers to tune in. Despite all the praise and awards shows like “Modern Family,” “30 Rock” and “The […]

Dern’s gutsy performance can’t save ‘Enlightened’

The trouble with Mike White and Laura Dern’s new HBO show, “Enlightened,” is that it’s not funny, dramatic or entertaining. The highlight of “Enlightened” is easily Dern, who shines in her role as Amy, a woman who suffers a nervous breakdown and embraces a new, Zen lifestyle. Even when everything isn’t quite there, she makes […]

Cummings’ ‘Whitney’ flops as a forgettable sitcom

Taking a great standup routine and making it work as a television sitcom requires some development and finesse. It’s a difficult process that can go wrong in many ways. NBC’s new unfunny comedy, “Whitney,” fails to make that transition work. Whitney Cummings’ new sitcom is essentially a bunch of one−liners and insults thrown together and […]

The Artsy Jumbo | Science meets art in wild Card

It can be difficult to find a biology major surviving at Tufts. It’s rarer still to find a bio major with a budding career as an artist. Lizz Card is a sophomore majoring in biology and minoring in art. She is also a talented painter who creates portraits of people in a photorealistic style. Card […]

Drama’s golden age paves path for comedy

During the late 1990s to the mid-2000s, television dramas reached unprecedented levels of creative and dramatic heights that their comedy counterparts could not come close to matching. This creative jump could be attributed to the expansion of cable stations such as HBO and Showtime, which later gave way to original programming on stations such as […]

Intriguing remakes and promising, nostalgia-laden originals on the horizon for television this fall

Every fall, television networks spew out dozens of new programs, hoping that one will catch viewers’ attention and become the breakout show of the year. Plenty of quality and original programs look to find a following as stations start premiering some of their most anticipated pilots. Any show that boasts Steven Spielberg as a producer […]

Old favorites return to television this month

This month, many beloved television shows return to the airwaves after their summer hiatus. Fans will finally get to see if their favorite shows will continue to succeed or if they will take a turn for the worse. Reality television fans will be parked on the couch tonight with the return of ABC’s “Dancing with […]