Jon Adams

Jon Adams is a features columnist at the Tufts Daily. Jon is a senior majoring in International Relations and Spanish. He can be reached at

Oops We Did it Again: Ignorance is an expensive bliss

The more decadent a society becomes, the more easily it can be blinded to its own decay. History is littered with countless civilizations that saw their grandest, most ostentatious periods precipitate an unflattering, often gruesome decline. The triumphs and conquests of Rome gave way to barbarian invasions and civil wars, while Britain’s dominance as the […]

Oops We Did It Again: Afghanistan as a cautionary tale

Every student, at some point in their undergraduate experience, is taught George Santayana’s assertion that “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The phrase has produced various paraphrases, switching out “condemned” for “doomed” or “destined” but always maintaining the theme that, throughout history, humanity continues to be its own worst enemy. […]