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Innocent Pleasures: Nature’s poetry

Spring: The flirt of the seasons, in turns coquettish and bold and shy, is now upon us — at long last! Though loath to be disparaging of any such earnest enthusiasm (and respectful of the very real impacts of seasonal affective disorder), I cannot number myself among those rejoicers.  I’m not immune to its charms: […]

Innocent Pleasures: An ode to Laundry Day and Carm’s charm

In the words of 2000s pop icon Hannah Montana, “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days.” In my case, days were entire semesters spent sorely mistaken. This fortnight I’m shedding light not on the greatness of “Hannah Montana” (2006–2011) and other such defining shows of Disney Channel’s golden age — they need neither defense nor […]

Innocent Pleasures: Taylor Swift songs, rom-coms and really anything by and/or for women

After last column’s celebration of the middle grade novel — in my humble opinion, the pinnacle of children’s (and possibly all) literature and the perfect blend of escapism and relatability — this week, I’d like to turn to an appreciation of something decidedly less… innocent.   Rest assured, my original mission remains unchanged. The heart […]

Innocent Pleasures: The magic of middle-grade fiction

The Tufts English Society Instagram lies. Contrary to what the account’s introduction of me as the society’s public relations manager claims (and setting aside the question of whether a play can rightfully be considered a book), Sophocles’ “Antigone” (circa 441 B.C.) is not my favorite written work. The objective of this column is to uplift […]

Innocent Pleasures: Dancing’s not a crime

Stemming from my New Year’s resolution to practice more empathy and, partly inspired by the protagonist of Elaine Hsieh Chou’s “Disorientation” (2022) — who abstains from the act because “She [i]sn’t a Republican!”— is my intent to stop kink-shaming. Regardless of your political affiliation, I hope this column can convince you to join me in […]