John J. Gallagher

John J. Gallagher is a former executive arts editor at the Tufts Daily. He is a senior majoring in history and English and can be reached at [email protected]

Board games and coffee – Knight Moves Café comes to Somerville

“Board games are pricey,” Rachel Esteban, general manager of Knight Moves Café Somerville, and according to her business card, also a Halfling Rogue, explained. “They’re like buying a whole season of a favorite show on Blu-ray, which no one our age does anymore.” The original Knight Moves Café opened almost three years ago in Brookline to […]

Intro to – how to find the strangest little games on the web

Valve Corporation’s digital distribution service Steam is the ten-tonne gorilla of digital game sales on the PC. The service powers billions in sales, is full of AAA releases from big studios and is swollen with indie games from smaller shops – including a great many of dubious quality. But even the shambolic games on Steam […]

The Gold in Netflix’s back catalog: three timeless shows for your next binge  

Netflix is all about its original series at the moment — hardly a week goes by where some permutation of the phrase “Netflix’s rich stable of original series” isn’t weaved into an article — but Netflix has a sprawling catalog of entertainment on tap, including some real gems from yesteryear. When one needs their next […]

Three political podcasts to get you to November

By the time this article goes to print, there will be 49 days to go until Tuesday, Nov. 8: Election Day. After the Democratic National Convention back in July, and on into August, it seemed as if the race was over. Trump’s ignorant, mean-spirited behavior appeared to have eclipsed even Clinton’s dire flaws; all that was left […]

Netflix’s ‘Narcos’ returns for gripping second season

Netflix’s bilingual drug drama “Narcos” (2015-present) returned Sept. 2 for its second season. Season one of Narcos follows the rise of infamous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) as he blazed a bloody trail from small time smuggler to ruler of a cocaine empire that made him one of the world’s richest men. Drug […]

Sculptor Verity Filipow’s work attracts attention on social media

Though Instagram was primarily in the public eye this summer for snake emoji-based celebrity feuds, and Twitter has been best known recently for hosting an unfiltered Donald Trump,  both have also become platforms for artists to flaunt their pieces. Bristol-based sculptor Verity Filipow is one of the artists sharing her work with a growing fanbase online. […]

Sizzling summer blockbusters to look forward to

The summer has traditionally been a season dense with entertainment, and 2016 is no exception. Hollywood, as per usual, is rolling out its heavy hitters just as the weather starts to get warm, and audiences can expect a crop of pictures brimming with CGI, pyrotechnics and often so-so acting. Cerebral these films are not, but […]

Night gathers in ‘Game of Thrones’ season six premiere (A spoiler-free review!)

Season six of HBO’s smash hit series “Game of Thrones” (2011 – present) premiered on April 24 and opened with a recap of the previous season’s seminal moments. The recap makes for a harrowing montage, reminding the viewer of all the murder, rapes, battles and religious fanaticism that defined the last season, and drawing them back […]

Tufts student Jeremy Slavitz prepares to release second game

Tufts Junior and Computer Science Major Jeremy Slavitz has been making video games for years, ever since a promotional giveaway exposed him to Apple’s App Store. Slavitz received an iPod Touch with his first Macbook, beginning his path in game development that has continued in college. “I was playing a lot of games on the […]

Let’s talk about ‘Rogue One’: Analysis and predictions

Four billion dollars seems like an awfully high price to pay for a galaxy far, far away, but when Disney shelled out for the rights to “Star Wars,” they weren’t just buying the rights to make a new trilogy but rather the potential to create a constellation of films set against the rich backdrop George Lucas […]