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Gray Areas Matter: Exploitation or education in college athletics

For as long as college sports have existed, the debate over paying student athletes to compete has simmered on. In more recent years, the conversation has been drawn into the public spotlight once again. Should colleges and universities pay student athletes? Although the issue is undeniably complex, the answer is yes… well, kind of. Let’s […]

Gray Areas Matter: Diversity

It doesn’t take long for someone to bring up diversity, especially at Tufts. But what might seem like a universally understood and accepted idea, at least along party lines, is actually more complicated than one might expect. Is Tufts diverse enough? Are we seeking out the right type of diversity? Let’s take a look at […]

Gray Areas Matter: Reparations

The early American economy, and the foundation for modern American life, was built in large part on the backs of African slaves. Today, there still exists a sizeable wealth gap in the U.S. between white families and black families. According to the Federal Reserve’s data, the median net worth of a black family in the […]

Gray Areas Matter: Athletic preference in college admissions

Recruiting athletes to selective universities is a tricky issue. Opponents of the practice claim that the system unfairly gives advantages to students who possess no differentiating academic talent, or worse — are less qualified than their non-athlete counterparts. Proponents cite the high rate of minority participation in the collegiate staple sports — basketball and football […]