Jill Collins is a Features Editor and former Executive Features Editor at The Tufts Daily. She is a senior studying environmental health engineering. Jill can be reached at [email protected]

Boston highways: A bridge or a divide?

In 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the interstate highway system into existence — forever changing the country’s built environment and social infrastructure. Wealthy white families could now live in suburbs and commute to cities. While highways bridged suburbs and cities, they built straight through urban communities of color. Garrett Dash Nelson, president and head […]

After the storm: Environmental injustices in Massachusetts’ sewage system

After a storm, sewage systems can get overwhelmed with water. Instead of pouring excess sewage into basements, the system is designed to discharge sewage into nearby rivers — the same bodies of water that are used for drinking and recreational purposes. The contaminated water has been linked to an increase of various diseases. Due to […]

Let’s get crafty at the Crafts Center

Welcome to the Crafts Center, a maker space on campus where students are given the freedom to create whatever their hearts desire, free of charge. Housed in the basement of the infamous Lewis Hall is a space filled with all the arts and crafts supplies you can imagine. To be honest, it is like a […]

Seniors share college wisdom with first-years

Your new white sneakers are demolished from orientation week floors, the pre-orientation group chat is no longer active and you now have a take on the Carm vs. Dewick debate. Now what? Classes are starting and the daunting feeling of four years at Tufts might be creeping up on you. No need to fret; every […]

From roommates to best friends: Stories of seniors who lived with their first-year roommates throughout college

As the school year comes to a close, many goodbyes are in order. For a lucky few seniors, changing roommates was never necessary. Now they are facing the harsh reality of saying goodbye to the only roommate they’ve ever known.  Here are the stories of Anna Joseph and Ruby Belle Booth, Cole Taylor and Harsh […]

Fighting the social-technical divide in undergraduate engineering

In addition to the original computer coding-based content in the course ES 2, there will be new content on social justice issues. Instead of only professors leading the course, equity learning assistants are coming into the classrooms and facilitating conversations around these topics.

Standardized tests were never a standard: Impact of Tufts Admissions going test-optional

While the test-optional policy was originally brought on by COVID-19, it has sparked other conversations around college admissions. Professors and students on campus are questioning the legitimacy of these tests. Erin Seaton, co-director of educational studies, favors this new policy and explains the inequities behind standardized tests. 

Students turn towards the classroom to learn about the US Election

In an ode to election season, classes in various disciplines are being held this semester on the topic of the election. Students are given the opportunity to apply their education directly to what is happening in the U.S. government and in the media.

Tufts groups continue preparing for 2020 US presidential election

With an unprecedented presidential election just around the corner, emotions are running high on campus. Tufts groups have been hard at work since last spring, preparing campus for this influential election season. All hands are on deck.

First year to Senior year: Roommates face hard goodbyes after 4 years living together

This graduation season brings varied emotions to all seniors as they look back on their four years spent at Tufts. However, some seniors also have to say goodbye to the only roommate they have ever known. For these seniors, their first year roommate was integral to their college experience and supported them all four years.  […]