Jessie Newman

Jessie Newman is the executive features editor for The Tufts Daily. She is a junior studying International Relations. She can be reached at

Tufts memes page navigates students’ opinions

Disclaimer: Peter Lam is a graphics editor and former executive graphics editor for the Daily. He was not involved in the writing of this article. During a conversation at late night dining in Carmichael Dining Center last spring semester, sophomores Leo Mandani, Mary K. Kelley and Peter Lam created Tufts Memes for Quirky Queens, a Facebook page dedicated to memes […]

The Institute for Global Leadership: A year in transition

Last year, the Institute for Global Leadership (IGL) celebrated its 30th anniversary and the retirement of Sherman Teichman, the founding director of the IGL. The IGL, which encompasses several different programs, research opportunities and courses, is most known for its year-long colloquium, Education for Public Inquiry and International Citizenship (EPIIC). EPIIC is constructed in an unconventional manner with a focus […]

METCO and the desegregation of Boston public schools through the years

Disclaimer: Caleb Symons is a sports staff writer for the Daily. He was not involved in the writing of this article. While the Jim Crow era will forever be etched into American history of the South, the racial segregation prevalent in Boston public schools has received far less attention on the national and international scale. Though Massachusetts prohibited school segregation in 1855 […]

Boston’s first oatmeal cafe opens in Davis

A new breakfast option in Davis Square is the recently-opened Oat Shop, which held its grand opening on Jan. 29. Established by Boston area native Alan Donovan, Oat Shop sells sweet and savory oatmeal bowls. Donovan said that while working in finance in Washington, D.C. for over a year, he saw many people around him living a fast-paced […]

Undocumented at Tufts in Trump’s America

As more students of undocumented status have joined the Tufts community, the movement to address the needs of these students continues to gain momentum on campus, especially considering that the issue of immigration is central to the president-elect’s platform, according to Associate Dean for Student Success and Advising Robert Mack. Mack is a major point of contact for undocumented students at […]

Tufts Gaming Hub subgroup encourages greater participation from women

Three years ago, a group of present-day seniors merged multiple gaming groups into the umbrella gaming group, the Tufts Gaming Hub, which serves as a center for Tufts students who play video and electronic games competitively or casually. Despite the group’s growth since then, senior Elizabeth Billings said she used to be the only woman who consistently attended the weekly […]