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Jessica O'Flanagan is a sophomore majoring in computer science and English. Jessica can be reached at [email protected]

Food for Thought: Are you what you eat?

Both in our world and at our university, we have been thrown a lot of political and social challenges in the last eight months. As a result, many of us leave this school year with a unique sense of political angst. We’ve had to question and criticize our communities, mobilize opinions and ask important questions […]

Food for Thought: Whole Foods or Whole Paycheck?

It takes but one trip to a health food store to see that hipster-veganism is just the capitalist machine with a man-nub. Organic food trends have shepherded countless clueless shoppers into expensive grocery stores using buzzwords like “superfood” and “probiotic.” Even the best of us have fallen victim to drinking the Kombucha Kool-Aid. After an […]

Food for Thought: City-folk definitely don’t get it

Farmersonly.com has attracted endless ridicule for its blunt approach to hitching up America’s aggies. It seems hilarious that farmers insist on seeking out like-minded cow-whisperers, but this approach to dating makes sense; good ol’ fashioned American ranches are dwindling in number, and farming demands intense support structures. Only six percent of America’s farmers are younger than […]

Food for Thought: The sound of soylence

Recently, a friend from high school told me about how, during midterms, she and her peers buy bottles of Soylent in bulk and drink them to replace daily meals. Both of us come from homes where food is a means of catching up and staying close. Fast forward to college, and both of us mutually […]

Food For Thought: Poultry-archy

And on the seventh day, God saw all that He had created and said that it was good! And thus, he slaughtered the fatted calf and gave Adam charcoal to make his famous ribs. Carnivority has outlasted creation into modern day, remaining a staple in the representation of the ‘masculine’ identity. While meat can be a […]

Food for Thought: We get it, you’re vegan

It isn’t often that someone comes out of the ‘vegan closet’ unexpectedly. Sure, you can be a non-vegan and still be really into kale, but eventually the black-bean brownies are going to raise some eyebrows. Other signs include: a man bun, probiotic dirt water and self-deception in the form of “I had no idea that […]

Food for Thought: Beef with the meat industry

Almost every student subscribed to The New York Times has had at least one brief stint as an herbivore. One day you try General Gau’s tofu, and suddenly, you find yourself saying things like “living in touch with my values” and “exploring ethical veganism.” Every Meatless Monday is an ego boost and seasoned wedges are vegetarian — […]

Food for Thought: An introduction

A commonly-heard phrase in one of the most popular restaurants in Omaha, Neb. is, “Would you like a muffin with your steak?” Be assured, when a young Midwesterner announces her plans to become a vegetarian, she will be met with the clatter of forks and frequent echoes of, “You are buying into the liberal media!” Food […]