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Top ten fun facts about Veronica Little

As the semester begins, the Arts section of the Daily is already suffering from the loss of a very special person. Veronica Little, student artist and comedian and the former designated Top Ten writer, is sadly gone. No, she’s not dead – she’s just not writing for us right now – but we still feel […]

Flashback Friday: Hotung patio opens amid controversy

The lower patio of the campus center has seen its share of events and protests over the years. In fact, its very opening was met with a protest back in 1998. According to an Oct. 6, 1998 article in the Daily, a group of students gathered at the Hotung patio’s opening ceremony to object to the […]

Flashback Friday: Ralph Nader addresses Tufts students

If there’s one thing that has been consistent in politics over the years, it is Ralph Nader. Though his presence has dwindled since the 2008 election, he has been involved since his first presidential campaign in 1992. The year of his first campaign, Nader came to speak to the Tufts student body, according to a […]

Flashback Friday: Tufts prepares for Dukakis speech

Massachusetts Governor Michael S. Dukakis visited Tufts campus on Oct. 11, 1988.  Dukakis, the Democratic presidential nominee at the time, was scheduled to speak about advancements in science and technology, according to an Oct. 11 Daily article. Dukakis predicted that the United States would only be great again if it focused heavily on having a […]

Flashback Friday: ROTC draws protests amid ban, 1987

In 1969, during protests against the Vietnam War, Tufts voted to ban the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) from campus. They weren’t the only ones — other elite colleges such as Harvard and Columbia did the same. In the midst of this ban, on Sept. 27, 1987, two ROTC helicopters landed in Ellis Oval, delivering 64 ROTC cadets — […]

Flashback Friday: Students protest rape culture, 1991

Although many things were different in 1991 — the clothes, the hair, the fact that Tufts had a chapter of the Psi Upsilon fraternity — others seem to have not changed much. On Saturday, Sept. 21, 1991, students gathered in front of the unofficial Psi Upsilon house to protest the depiction of a rape scene […]

Senior Profile: Joshua Youner

Though Joshua Youner was initially interested in Tufts’ international relations program, as a senior, he now focuses on economics, exploring business practices both inside and outside the classroom. An economics major and entrepreneurial leadership studies minor, Youner has also served as vice president of Alpha Epsilon Pi and has helped run Up to Us, a […]

Senior Profile: Yessenia Rivas

Yessenia Rivas – a choreographer for Spirit of Color (SoC), Torn Ticket II and Sarabande, as well as an actress and dancer – is a star both on and off the stage. In addition to the many performances she has been involved in, Rivas has also worked behind the scenes, as both the vice president […]

Green Line extension brings concerns for housing availability in Somerville

Over the next five years, the Green Line will extend into Somerville, ending on College Avenue. Two of the planned stops — at Washington Street and in Union Square — are scheduled to open in 2017. City planners are discussing the changes, analyzing the ways in which the plan’s advantages and disadvantages will be addressed. […]

Tufts ranks high for producing Peace Corps volunteers

Tufts University ranked ninth among top medium-sized schools that produce Peace Corps volunteers, up from 15th in 2013. Twenty-four of Tufts’ undergraduate alumni are currently serving abroad with the program. Many students and officials have attributed the high number of Tufts volunteers to the focus on service work that is embedded in the university’s values. […]