Jessica Blough is the former investigative editor and editor in chief at The Tufts Daily. She is a senior studying international relations. Jessica can be reached at [email protected]

Soundtrack to the end of the world: Psychedelic pseudonyms

When asked about my music taste, whether during an awkward first date or during pre-orientation duck, duck, goose, my answer was always the same — “Anything but country, really.” But through the haze of the last year (carrying my clothes in trash bags and dozens of pies out of Latin Way), I found my music taste through much trial and error, not understanding what I liked, and chasing the goosebumps. So now, when asked what music I like listening to, I answer, “weird … psychedelic … funky.” I like my music to not sound normal, to put you on edge as much as it soothes you.  

Soundtrack to the end of the world: In case of emergency

I like nervous music, music that’s unsettled and unsettling, even when it’s in a major key, and this seems somewhere between pablum and dread. Over the last 12 months, I’ve found myself falling into repetitive music and listening loops. Maybe read this as my way of rocking back and forth, my sonic self-care at best or anesthetic at worst.

Judiciary member alleges discrimination, garners national attention; members of SJP, TCU Senate face harassment

Tufts Community Union Judiciary member Max Price alleges that he was discriminated against and that his place in student government was threatened due to his Jewish identity, in a months-long conflict between arms of the TCU government and activist group Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine. The conflict has attracted national attention and led to the harassment of members of both the TCU government and SJP.

Soundtrack to the end of the world: Normie music

Today is the day you learn one of my secrets. It’s less of a “don’t tell my crush I like them” secret and more of an “I’ve only told five people” secret. Read on and you could be the sixth. Congratulations!

Soundtrack to the End of the World: Your ‘Mirrorball’

The purpose of this column is to explore where we find and have found musical comfort while still submerged in this pandemic. Each week will feature a new guest and a new set of music picks. These are songs that have eased anxiety, comforted in moments of isolation, echoed the moments of fear and of hope.

Tufts revises Title IX, Sexual Misconduct Policy

The revision of the Title IX Policy and Sexual Misconduct Policy follows federal requirements that all U.S. universities that receive government funding alter their policies concerning sexual misconduct.

Faculty react to wage and salary freeze, budget deficit

Staff and faculty will experience a wage and salary freeze next year as the university halts most raises in response to a major budget deficit.  The wage and salary freeze, announced on April 14 in an email to university employees, halts both merit cycle increases and those related to increases in the cost of living, […]

Tufts anticipates significant budget deficit from COVID-19 costs

Tufts expects to come in drastically over budget this fiscal year due to an estimated $15 million in unexpected costs and lost revenue resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Administrators estimate that costs associated with the pandemic could rise to over $50 million next fiscal year. In response to the unexpected costs, the university will suspend […]

S.1401 seeks to make Massachusetts a safe community, December hearing date set

The Safe Communities Act, or S.1401, a bill currently making its way through the Massachusetts House of Representatives, stipulates that law enforcement shall not question people about their immigration status and that people taken into custody may only be interviewed about their immigration status after giving their written consent. According to the bill, these people […]

Letter from the editor to the Class of 2023

To our newest readers, I’m probably not the first to welcome you to campus; that was the responsibility of your pre-orientation leader, or your FYA or whoever wrote your acceptance letter when it made its way into your mailbox. But I hope that does not make this welcome seem any less genuine. I am glad […]