Jeremy Goldstein is a sports editor at the Tufts Daily. He is a junior studying political science and film and media studies. Jeremy can be reached at [email protected]

Schmuck of the Week: Context for the Hong Kong-China situation

So this is an absolute nightmare to talk about. No one is right. No one is wrong.  But somehow, everything is in flames — especially the jersey of LeBron James. How did we get here? Instead of dishing out the typical schmuck of the week label, I will carefully dance around assigning a tag until […]

Women’s soccer completes impressive back-to-back arc over NESCAC rivals

The traveling Jumbos could not be tamed in their bus tour across the surprisingly temperate Northeast. Tufts’ women’s soccer team came out victorious in back-to-back road contests against competitive NESCAC rivals, downing Hamilton 3–0 on Sunday after triumphing over Amherst 2–1 on Saturday.  The wins leave the Jumbos sitting at 10–1–1 with a 6–1 conference record, […]

Schmuck of the Week: Vontaze Burfict edition

I don’t think Vontaze Burfict is at fault for Vontaze Burfict still being in the news. A combined 13 suspensions and fines later, he’s reached a collision point with the NFL. In other words, there will be no more collisions for Burfict this year: He’s been suspended for the remainder of the season. An honorable […]

Schmuck of the Week: Stephen A. and Gottlieb

Gaining the spotlight in the sports media industry can be a tough ask. Meticulous work over decades with fine attention to detail can be swept under the rug in a heartbeat by a Stephen A. Smith eardrum-paralyzing rant. In the modern era of goldfish-level attention spans, either you maintain your permanent celebrity status like doctor […]

NESCAC Who’s Who

Amherst For most of their history donning purple and white colors, the now-Mammoths of Amherst, Mass. were informally known as the “Lord Jeffs.” It was only in 2016 that the mascot of the school was changed in reference to a large mammoth skeleton that is on display in one of the school’s museums. With the […]

Anti-Bostonian: Don’t be Boston sports fans

Don’t be Boston sports fans, graduating Jumbos. Consider this a push for the fandoms of graduating Jumbos, an anticipatory outreach because many of you will find work in the Boston area. Well, what’s the problem with Tufts graduates working in the region? Isn’t that what attending a university is all about? Unfortunately, young chaps, we […]

The Anti-Bostonian: Provocative Edition

There are thousands of campus newspapers across the United States. Within those pages of print are thousands of columns, where thousands of disgruntled young adults project their bubbling grievances (or perhaps, their joyous musings! Sorry, I’m pessimistic) upon an audience of (HOPEFULLY) hundreds to skim through. I know the situation, but I need human eyes […]

Anti-Bostonian: The Celtics’ Game 1 win is a mirage

It’s playoff season for the Celtic army, and it started with a win that was as underwhelming as underwhelming can be. In the age of pace and space with offensive output at an all-time high, the old-fashioned-looking Cs might as well have been playing in the age of Red Auerbach instead of Brad Stevens. How ironic then, […]

Anti-Bostonian: Tom Brady loses class of ’77 March Madness

In case you didn’t know, Tom Brady is not a young man. As he continues to test the stringent laws of Father Time, more and more jealous critics continue to bemoan his successes and continued championships. Henceforth, in the spirit of good jealousy, here will be yet another attempt to knock back the quarter: call […]

Anti-Bostonian: From hope to nope on Opening Day

Chris Sale toed the rubber on a balmy late-afternoon affair in Seattle Thursday evening. The solemn, slanky (a combination of slinky and lanky) left-hander, fresh off sealing the ‘sale’ of his new $145-million contract, carried the weight of his price tag to the mound. Sale was disturbed. He would last but three innings and escaped with scars […]