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The Anti-Bostonian: The case for a passive goodbye

They say criticism is the highest form of flattery. (Or is that imitation?) Mark my words, it is certainly uncommon to find a hardline New Yorker peel back the thinly-veiled veneer of their shell to admit that maybe all this “anti-Boston” sentiment originates from a point of jealousy. For the sake of athletics, that is. Call […]

The Anti-Bostonian: The case against the Celtics’ progress

It’s almost as if the Celtics’ roster is too strong for its own good. When you literally pillage another NBA franchise, it makes sense that you’d have more talent than you’d know what to do with. But Brad Stevens didn’t build his current coaching acumen on the backs of talented rosters. He built it on […]

The Anti-Bostonian: Brees over Brady

The illustrious careers of Drew Brees and Tom Brady are similar in many elements. Both make up for a lack of intrinsic athleticism with an eye for an open receiver, where they both nestle in dainty spirals in the smallest of windows against airtight coverage. They’ve both received individual accolades, tasted Super Bowl glory — […]

Carlson shines in maiden sailing season at Tufts, finishes 13th at Nationals

First-year Abbie Carlson impressed in her maiden season on the Tufts sailing teams, culminating in a 13th-place finish at the LaserPerformance Women’s Singlehanded Nationals. The regatta included 14 races over the weekend of Nov. 3–4 at Grand Valley State in Allendale, Mich. At Nationals, Carlson competed against some of the fiercest competition around the nation […]

Meet you at Mile 9: Megerle’s legacy extends nearly five decades, many more miles

You can find Donald Megerle, director of the Tufts University President’s Marathon Challenge, at Mile 9 of the Boston Marathon every year, banana in hand and arms outstretched, ready for a hug from Tufts runners donning golden singlets. “I like thinking, as far as I’m concerned, that they’re running to me,” Megerle said. “It’s not an […]

The Anti-Bostonian: The case for a taste of humble pie

It’s an odd sensation, sitting quietly in a room full of animated and passionate friends and wanting them to walk away with their hearts broken. It’s even odder when it’s the 12th inning. Odder still is during the 15th. Unquantifiable is the 18th.  Ignoring the shenanigans from last week’s ignominious charade on the back cover of […]

Sailing victorious at Fairfield, posts competitive performances elsewhere

Tufts was largely able to escape the local fervor surrounding the Red Sox run to the World Series, but it could not fully escape the weekend’s prevailing winds. Instead, the Jumbos were caught in a swirling October breeze that affected everyone from college sailors to kickers in the NFL. One Tufts group that did not get out of town competed at the […]

The Anti-Bostonian: The case against Jayson Tatum … right now

Just stop. Jayson Tatum is not better than Ben Simmons. Stop the homerism and hold onto this thought. Every October, basketball fans emerge from their hibernation like the first tinges of dew lightly coating the morning grass on Tufts’ Residential Quad. They traipse through the dew and find themselves with wet feet, now fully committed to the season […]

The Anti-Bostonian: The case for Brady’s bread-bearers (a.k.a. his receivers)

I groggily watched the waning moments of the Patriots vs. Chiefs Sunday night football game on a plane back to Boston. I did my best to conceal my faded Yankees hat among the sea of Patriots jerseys, unifying both red and blue. They’re a prideful lot, the Boston bunch, and the Pats give them a […]

The Anti-Bostonian: The case for the Celtics’ motley cast of characters

For my money, the most compelling part about the Boston Celtics is their eclectic cast of characters. From all walks of life and all corners of the globe (considering it may not be round in this instance), the Celtics present a crew that almost mirrors the city itself. Hard, working-class strongmen are complimented by cerebral craftsmen […]