Jeremy Goldstein is a sports editor at the Tufts Daily. He is a junior studying political science and film and media studies. Jeremy can be reached at [email protected]

Lost Little Magician: How Jürgen Klopp swindled Barcelona, part 2

Philippe's Coutinho journey to Barcelona went exactly as Jurgen Klopp expected it to...

Lost Little Magician: How Barcelona stunted Philippe Coutinho, part 1

The post-Neymar vacuum at Barcelona has swallowed up more souls than even Leonel Messi could save.

World Football: Juventus are the big fish who can’t be fried

Juventus dodged a COVID-19 bullet only to get hit with one shortly after.

The good, the bad, the ugly of the transfer window

Jeremy Goldstein breaks down the winners and losers of the transfer window.

Duncan Robinson: From the NESCAC to the NBA bubble

Forget the “one-and-done” stereotype so typical when imagining the path talented teenagers take from high school to the NBA. The Eastern Conference semifinals matchup between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Miami Heat should aid in dismissing such conceptions. Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, a lanky teenager at 18 playing in the Greek second division, was plucked […]

The Little Londoner: West Ham’s hollow stadium

A huge stadium was left in prime real estate after the 2012 London Olympics. As John Oliver will tell you, it’s all fun and games until you only use your multi-billion dollar stadium for three weeks.  Previously, West Ham had called the Boleyn Ground home for over a hundred years. Though it ebbed between periods […]

The Anti-Bostonian Redux: Boston-Gronk party down in Tampa

Gronkshell warning! This occasion calls for a resurrection of an old friend, a jazzed-up and jealous New York sports fan, called “The Anti-Bostonian.” For one, it is rather difficult for me to continue exploring the world of English football to sufficiently fill more columns for “The Little Londoner.” More than anything, however, the opportunity to […]

Little Londoner: A mini-history of Liverpool-City

A HISTORY: Liverpool vs. Manchester City. Man City is the runaway winner of the Premier League, and Liverpool cannot buy a solid defense — aside from big Virgil Van Dijk. Expect a heaping of goals with a side of heartbreak.  The Day: April 4, 2018. The Time: 2:45, EST. The Location: Medford, Mass (or: Liverpool, […]

The Little Londoner: COVID-19 and English football

This is a column that no one wants to write — my hand is almost forced simply due to the utter lack of content. However, a bevy of swirling topics of conversation looms in a football world that seems to have no long term answers to (or any lasting longer than a week).  Consider this […]

The Little Londoner: On fan abuse

Second division British football can be an absolute pressure cooker for players: unreasonable expectations and petty howl after howl litter the drunken crowds, and no player’s celebrity can exempt him from taking a strong verbal lashing. Nestled in the corner of Queen Park’s Rangers Loftus Road stadium on a balmy Tuesday evening were the dueling […]