The Bubble has always counted

Through the trials of the bubble, LeBron won his fourth championship with his third team as well as the Finals MVP just for thousands of basketball fans on Twitter to say that the 2020 NBA season came with an asterisk. But the bubble has always counted. 

Tuff Talks: Long-distance relationships, midterms

Dear J: How do I handle a long-distance relationship?

Tuff Talks: Finding friends

Dear J: How do I meet new people/make new friends if I am an introvert and have a hard time just going up to people and talking to them?

In the Paint: Jeremy Lin deserves to play

In a league with nearly no Asian-American players, NBA teams should dig deep and ask themselves why they gave up on the only Asian-American who was an above-average rotational player that has proven to us all his potential and worth.

Tuff Talks: Love in COVID times

Dear J: “I started talking to this guy, but it’s hard to spend time together due to the new COVID-19 policies. How do I pursue a relationship right now? -Socially Distanced   Dear Socially Distanced: Firstly, I applaud your efforts to put others before yourself and practice social distancing. Continuing to connect with others during […]