Tuff Talks: Moving forward with new friends

Dear J: How can I deepen my communication with new friends without being weird?

In the Paint
In the Paint: What the NBA can learn from the NFL season

As of week 12 in the NFL, there has been a significant spike in COVID-19 cases and teams like the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens are without key players. The NBA is going to have a similar plan come December, but what they really should do is learn from the mistakes of the current NFL season. It’s unacceptable for the NBA to hold playoffs and finals in a bubble back in July but have any other plan for the 2020–21 season, a season that will start amidst the holidays when COVID-19 is worse than ever before.

Tuff Talks: Dealing with Family

Dear J: How will I cope with being home for at least two months and not coming back to campus until February? Also will we even have a spring semester?

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In the Paint: Honoring Mr. Celtic

Last Monday, the NBA and the Boston Celtics came together to mourn the loss of Tommy Heinsohn, who died at 86. Tommy dedicated his entire professional career to the league, specifically the city of Boston, as a player, coach, and broadcaster — earning himself the title of Mr. Celtic. 

Tuff Talks: Confronting parents

Dear J: My mom is a grade-A narcissist. Everything, good or bad, is about her. How do I call out her lies without hurting her feelings or our relationship?

Tuff Talks: Girl talk

Dear J: My boyfriend smells weird and I don’t know what it is; how do I tell him that he smells peculiar?

Tuff Talks: More dating

Dear J: How can I bring up to my crush that I have feelings for her?

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In the Paint: Playoff winners and losers

The Los Angeles Lakers walked away with the 2020 NBA championship, but let's take a look at the winners and losers of the NBA playoffs in the Bubble.

Tuff Talks: Opening up

Dear J: How do you find a girlfriend/talk to girls if you are truly a nice person but are quiet until you get to know someone well?

The Bubble has always counted

Through the trials of the bubble, LeBron won his fourth championship with his third team as well as the Finals MVP just for thousands of basketball fans on Twitter to say that the 2020 NBA season came with an asterisk. But the bubble has always counted.