Jacqueline Chen is currently serving as the TCU Senate Historian and is a junior majoring in international relations. Jacqueline can be reached at [email protected]

Op-Ed: Transparency, Part 2: The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has wide-ranging powers, from deciding the new buildings that will pop up on campus, to establishing new academic programs, to selecting our university’s president. Yet, we don’t know much about them and rarely hear directly from them. The student body’s only points of contact with the board are three undergraduate trustee […]

Op-Ed: A call for community engagement this April

Come April, Tufts students kick into high gear. There are performances every weekend, all the work we’ve been procrastinating all semester comes to a head, and of course Quidditch Nationals overshadow all other athletic endeavors. TCU Senate elections for the next academic year also take place in April, so get ready for your Facebook feeds to […]

Op-Ed: The state of ‘Swipe it Forward’ and combating food insecurity at Tufts

When you’re a first-year, it’s easy to swipe into the dining hall in between classes, where the main source of conflict over food is whether to go to Carm or Dewick. You’re likely to see a few classmates you recognize, and there is little hesitation to suggest meeting in the dining halls to hang out […]