Jacob Fridman is a first-year who has not yet declared a major. Jacob can be reached at [email protected]

Op-ed: How Gov. Healey can go above and beyond on housing and climate change

Jacob Fridman is the president of Tufts New Liberals.  Massachusetts has a new governor: Maura Healey, who was sworn in earlier this month as the first elected female governor of the state and the first openly lesbian governor in the country. With her governorship, Democrats now have a unified state government for the first time […]

Op-ed: SJP’s boycott perpetuates antisemitism on campus

Terrorist attacks in Israel in late March and early April have claimed the lives of 14 Israeli civilians. Many are worried that the region is again spiraling into war. Yet when messages of hope and calls for dialogue are most needed, Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine has expressed support for violence against Israeli civilians: […]

A Better Consensus: Navigating a (probable) post-Roe world

It is highly likely that the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) will overturn Roe v. Wade and leave the legality of abortion to the states. The nationwide legalization of abortion could no longer be the law of the land. Twenty one states will automatically implement some level of abortion restrictions, ranging from total bans to enforcement of […]

A Better Consensus: We need filibuster restoration

There’s a growing consensus in the Democratic Party to eliminate the Senate filibuster. Even President Biden is now open to at least reforming it. The filibuster is when the minority party in the Senate prolongs debate on a bill, resolution or nomination and runs out the clock, as the majority party usually cannot get the […]

A Better Consensus: Let’s do a public option instead

President Biden finally reached a deal for his Build Back Better bill on Medicare drug pricing. Medicare, the program that gives health insurance to everyone over the age of 65, would be able to negotiate with drug companies for lower prices on life-saving drugs. It would also limit how much seniors would have to pay […]

A Better Consensus: Expand the Child Tax Credit into a basic income

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin’s concerns about the labor participation and budgetary costs of the Child Tax Credit have forced lawmakers to consider extending it for only one more year, not to 2025 as the Biden administration had proposed. Manchin’s demands would cap recipients’ earnings just $60,000 in income and add work requirements. I’d argue for […]

A Better Consensus: We need a national gun license

Content warning: This column discusses suicide, gun violence and domestic violence. An average of 100 Americans continue to die from gun violence every day, and just last week the country experienced another mass shooting. Surely, the federal government will step in and fix things, right? Sadly, no. Even with the NRA’s imminent implosion and nationwide […]

A Better Consensus: A pro-unity solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

What if I told you that there’s a middle-ground solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?  Israel retains the pre-1967 borders (the Green Line), the Palestinian Authority (PA) controls all the West Bank as a full state and the two states build an interstate confederation between themselves, like the European Union’s structure, with the help of the […]

A Better Consensus: How the government can secure our digital liberty

The recent testimony of Facebook’s degradation of democracy and harm to millions of young women’s self-esteem has proven again that Washington must act. Harvard Business School professor emerita Shoshana Zuboff coined the term “surveillance capitalism” to describe this destructive behavior. Using the Cambridge Analytica scandal that saw Facebook and the now-shuttered data firm manipulate users […]

A Better Consensus: Why ranked-choice voting is awesome

We all know how elections go: the most polarizing candidate or the bland incumbent often wins with less than half the overall vote, or the race has so many candidates that just a few hundred votes decide the winner. In 2016, Trump won the Republican primaries with 1,543 delegates, well over half. However, he won […]