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The Weekly Rewind: The dangers of childhood stardom

Child stars emerge with enormous pressure to fit societal expectations. In reality, anyone who has experienced the tumult of adolescence knows that it is unreasonable to write off someone for mistakes they made as a teenager. Growth and experience should be celebrated, as child stars have to eventually break from the societal standards imposed on them to embrace their true identities.

The Weekly Rewind: Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on (top)!

If 2020 has taught the music industry anything, it is that historically excluded groups should have an equal opportunity to a lasting legacy. The Beatles should be respected and idolized in their own right, but with a larger, more diverse playlist of artists to listen to today, more icons can emerge into the mainstream.

The Weekly Rewind: The 35-year-old musical lifespan of female artists

Sexism and ageism in the music industry favor men and prevent them from needing to demonstrate artistic growth in order to be successful. As artists age, their music matures; so the belief that a female musician has to be at her peak before 35 is frustrating.

Op-ed: Why Beyoncé deserved the Grammy: How racism dictates success in the music industry

When Adele took the stage to accept the award for Album of the Year at the 2017 Grammy Awards, she broke down, stating that she “can’t possibly accept [the] award” because the “artist of [her] life is Beyoncé.” She told Beyoncé and the audience that “the ‘Lemonade’ album was just so monumental,” highlighting Beyoncé’s empowerment […]