Iverson Eliopoulos is a columnist at The Tufts Daily. He is a senior who is studying Music. Iverson can be reached at [email protected]

On the Big Screen: ‘Hubie Halloween’

In 2019, Adam Sandler joked that if he didn’t win an Oscar for “Uncut Gems” (2019) he would make a movie “that is so bad on purpose” just to get back at the industry. Enter “Hubie Halloween” (2020).

On the Big Screen: ‘The 40-Year-Old Version’

The film sells itself as a story about a woman who turns to making rap music when her writing career seems stuck, but it is so much more. Radha Blank’s screenplay is an intricate and personal portrait of what it means to be an artist, life in New York City, and the issues that come with gentrification.

On the big screen: ‘Ava’

Ava was the most popular movie on Apple TV in its opening weekend, but you should save yourself the seven dollars. Cliché after cliché leads you through a story that only gets more absurd, leaving you unsatisfied and frankly wondering how filmmakers can mess up movies so badly. I watched this movie so that you didn’t have to.

On The Big Screen: ‘The Devil All The Time’

“The Devil All The Time” is not for the faint of heart, but it’s an engaging film that seeks to strip away the people we pretend to be, giving way to our true natures. Whether or not it’s successful in that is debatable, but it’s worth a watch nonetheless.

On the Big Screen: Tenet

If you know what you’re getting yourself into, you’ll have a great time with this film. It’s not Nolan’s magnum opus, but it can certainly hold its own against his other great movies.