Isabelle Kaminsky is a Deputy Features Editor at The Tufts Daily. She is a sophomore studying international relations. Isabelle can be reached at [email protected]

Senior capstone project plays with gender as Jumbo Drag Collective takes the stage

Drag performance has finally come to Tufts! After taking Associate Professor Kareem Khubchandani’s Critical Drag course in the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program last semester, seniors Julian Hammond and Lee Romaker — or Aster R*sk and Ari Ola — have continued the class’s work and collaborated for a capstone project: the Jumbo Drag Collective. […]

A cappella groups release new albums after a long hiatus

Editor’s note: Abigail Sommers is a video journalist at The Tufts Daily. Sommers was not involved in the writing or editing of this article. Calling all a cappella lovers! Get your Spotify and Apple Music out because the Jackson Jills and the Beelzebubs have both recently released excellent new albums! The Beelzebubs’ “Prevaill” (2022) and the Jackson […]

What is a midterm?

What is a midterm assessment at Tufts? Is it the paper we are given a week to write? Is it the blue book exam we take in the middle of the semester? Is it the online assessments given periodically throughout the course? At Tufts, the midterm period seems to typically last from October to the […]

Students emerge with new perspectives after immersive Tufts With Rwanda Fellowship

Hidden in the spring semester course selections is an Experimental College class called “Tufts With Rwanda Fellowship.” However, it is much more than the average three-hour ExCollege class.  The Tufts With Rwanda Fellowship is an opportunity for undergraduates subsidized by Tufts Hillel and the Cummings Program for Holocaust and Genocide Education. Fellowship participants learn about […]

Second annual Tufts Spanish Language Conference to take place April 9

The second annual Tufts Spanish Conference has arrived!  The Spanish Conference is an opportunity for students in Spanish courses in levels 22 and above to share their research in an immersive Spanish environment. It will be held on Saturday, April 9 in the Olin Center, rooms 002 and 007. The topic of this year’s conference […]

The path to service: A look into Tufts’ ROTC program

Who are the students we see on campus in military uniforms? What do they do, and where are they going? These students are part of ROTC, which stands for Reserves Officer Training Corps, and they will be commissioned as officers into the United States Military upon graduation from Tufts. There are three branches of the […]

Foodie House seeks to foster an interdisciplinary community centered around a love of food

Calling all Tufts foodies! A new food-themed special interest house called the Foodie House is coming to Tufts. The Foodie House will be a housing option for anyone who loves food. The house was founded by Tufts undergraduate students Holden and Jackson, who requested that part of their names be omitted out of concern for […]

‘The Eternals’: Is it one of Marvel’s best or one of its worst?

Marvel’s Phase Four has introduced countless new elements to its Cinematic Universe. What was once simply a world of superheroes, now includes a multitude of creatures, planets and timelines. We received a new Captain America, met the Time Variance Authority and the Multiverse and now the Eternals. “Eternals” (2021) gave the Marvel Cinematic Universe its […]