Ilana P. Goldberg

Ilana P. Goldberg is an assistant features editor at the Daily. She is a senior majoring in biopsychology. She can be reached at [email protected]

Senior Profile: Jason Mejia displays passion for music, people

In his four years at Tufts, graduating senior Jason Mejia has become beloved by so much of the Tufts community, simply by making it a priority to get to know as many people as possible. “I expected to know some people, but I didn’t expect to become the notable campus icon that I’ve come to […]

The Lewkk showcases campus fashion, celebrates fashionistas

It isn’t often that people stop to notice others’ outfits amidst the daily grind, but Tufts’ own Instagram fashion blog The Lewkk (pronounced “the look”) is casting a spotlight on students’ personal styles and fashion choices. For The Lewkk’s creator Amari Diaw, fashion has always played an important role in her life. “Especially for me, […]

Asian, Asian-American cultural groups balance interest, identity

There are currently 10 Asian and Asian-American culture and interest groups on campus that are recognized by the Tufts Community Union, a number of which meet regularly as part of the Pan Asian Council, according to the Asian American Center’s website. These groups strive to provide communities for students of different backgrounds who identify as […]

TUSC does more with less, becomes a major presence on campus

Tufts University Social Collective (TUSC) is rapidly expanding its influence on campus as its events continue to grow in number and reach a wider audience of students than before. According to Assistant Director for Campus Life John Wescott, TUSC has 105 events planned for this semester, compared to 93 events in the fall semester. Details […]

Students and faculty continue indigenous peoples initiatives, promote acknowledgment of indigenous history

Although the Indigenous Peoples Day celebration at Tufts took place on Oct. 9, the momentum for continued action and recognition of indigenous history continues among the indigenous students, professors and allies at Tufts. Tufts Community Union (TCU) President Benya Kraus, TCU Vice President Anna Del Castillo and junior Parker Breza are part of the Tufts Indigenous Peoples […]

Tufts Career Center launches Handshake, replaces Jumbo Jobs

Tufts’ switch from Jumbo Jobs to Handshake, a new job/internship database for students, has been recognized as a much-needed improvement in user experience and job search capabilities. Jumbo Jobs faced significant criticism from students and frustration from the Career Center’s staff. Gregory Victory, executive director of Tufts Career Center since July of 2016, gave some background […]

In Ginn Library, Wish Tree symbolizes hope, community

Fletcher students returned from spring break to find a blossoming tree in the entrance of the Edwin Ginn Library. With tassels of cloth hanging from its limbs, the tree rests in a corner across from the circulation desk bearing the inscribed wishes and dreams of students, faculty and passersby. The inspiration for what has become known as the “Wish […]

Open Call, open minds: new campus space seeks to build connection, community

Disclaimer: Khuyen Bui is a columnist for The Tufts Daily. He was not involved in the writing of this article. Wanting to give members of the Tufts community a space to do and share what they love with others, several students came up with the idea for Tufts Open Call, a new community on campus, last […]