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‘Don’t Look Up’ fails to inspire change

Adam McKay has now formed a brand for himself as a political filmmaker, whether it be with his standout “The Big Short” (2015) about the 2007–2008 financial crisis or his follow-up “Vice” (2018) about the political career of Dick Cheney. With even more glitz and stars, McKay returns to the scene with his new big-budget […]

‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ uses comedy to discuss bigger social issues

Mindy Kaling seemingly holds a monopoly on the quirky youthful comedy. With the smash success of “Never Have I Ever” (2020–), Kaling reemerged onto the comedy scene and found new footing. Now she follows up with “The Sex Lives of College Girls” (2021–), an intricate but laugh-inducing tale of four roommates and their exploits. Though […]

‘Tick, Tick… Boom!’ celebrates the legacy of theater composition

On Nov. 26, legendary musical theater composer Stephen Sondheim died. Sondheim leaves behind a changed fate for the modern musical, having reinvented the standard with classics such as “Into The Woods” (1987), “Company” (1970) and “West Side Story” (1957). Just a week before Sondheim’s passing, “Tick, Tick… Boom!” was released on Netflix. The film celebrates […]

Snail Mail’s ‘Valentine’ captures the anguish of lost love

By now the “break-up album” is a genre in itself. These albums have been smash successes, namely because they contextualize the human need to grieve lost relationships. Still, this form of album can often become overplayed, using the same musical tropes or lyrical structures to comment on the same idea. It’s when an artist brings […]

Despite recycled horror tropes, ‘Last Night in Soho’ keeps audience in suspense

The genre of horror has experienced tremendous change over the last several years, whether it be with social commentary horrors like “Get Out” (2017) or campy horror comedies like “Jennifer’s Body” (2009). Still, maybe there’s something to say for classic forms of horror, be it ghastly jump-scares or extreme psychological manipulation. These are certainly elements […]

‘Only Murders in the Building’ provides simple, mind-numbing respite

True crime has become a cultural phenomenon, whether it be the smash successes of podcasts like “Crime Junkie” (2017–) or “My Favorite Murder” (2016–), or even the rising view-counts on YouTube crime series such as “Buzzfeed: Unsolved” (2016–). “Only Murders in the Building” (2021–) attempts to comment on this rising cultural sentiment, using comedy to […]

‘Scenes from a Marriage’ intellectually challenges relationship ideals

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for “Scenes from a Marriage” (1973) and “Scenes from a Marriage” (2021). Abstract humanity is incredibly difficult to capture. Still, “Scenes from a Marriage” (2021) seems to reach this bar, providing a nuanced outlook on the basic fallibility of human action. “Scenes from a Marriage” presents a modern relationship, one […]

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ tackles big issues, fails in the process

Content warning: This article mentions suicide. For better or for worse, “Dear Evan Hansen”’ (2021) has infiltrated our current cultural narrative. Images of the film are everywhere, whether it be the meme of Ben Platt crying or the TikTok commentary on Platt’s ability to play the role of Evan at his age. These commentaries are […]