Henry Chandonnet is an Assistant Arts Editor at The Tufts Daily. He is a first-year studying political science. Henry can be reached at [email protected]

4 Seniors brew up a reinvented production of ‘Macbeth’

Four seniors gathered around their ‘cauldron’ of a show, each adding their own ingredients and flair. The result was an experimental, redefined “Macbeth” (1623), which intentionally diverted from the standard practice of show-making. These seniors are Tatyana Emery, Caitlin Morley, Margaret Parish and Abi Steinberg. Coming together for the completion of Emery’s thesis and Morley’s […]

A Compendium of Actors: One final listicle

Here we are, the final “Compendium of Actors.” I’m somewhat unsure of whether anything has been accomplished here — has any knowledge been gained on the nature of acting, or have I spent the last semester simply reveling in the idea of celebrity? I don’t know how to answer that question, and maybe I don’t […]

A nonexhaustive guide to Tufts theater

Tufts has a vibrant theater community, with many options and on-ramps for prospective members. They range from department-run to student-led and vary in commitment level. This includes all facets of theater engagement, whether it be acting, directing, tech, costume designing or anything in between. For incoming students, the most important note is just how open […]

A Compendium of Actors: Lily Collins can do it all

Often, we try to box actors and actresses into their appropriate category: indie actor here, big-budget action star there. This column has surely fallen prey to that same difficulty, establishing genres and niches that actors may unilaterally fill. Still, actors are not monoliths. They can do what they like, take on the projects they want […]

WEEKENDER: Sammy Rae & The Friends fill the Royale with gratitude

Sammy Rae & The Friends have brought their radical joy to Boston once again. The band triumphantly returned for a double feature at the Royale on March 26 and 27 with its 2022 tour, filling the venue with cheerful bliss and uptempo funk. The shows were filled with both optimism and a deep sense of […]

A Compendium of Actors: The fate of female-led films at the Oscars

The 2022 Oscar nominees for best actress represented five separate films, none of which received nominations for best picture. This was for myriad reasons, whether it be film quality, intended audience or rampant commercial misogyny. Nonetheless, it represents a broader issue of equity in the film industry: Actresses are either given bad movies to make […]

Charli XCX’s “Crash” channels the joyous irony of dance pop

Charli XCX has entered her dance pop sellout era. This may read as scathing or critical, but the act is intentional. In a combination of joyous reflection and deep irony, Charli XCX reclaims her pop sound and takes the pop music market head-on. The result is her fifth studio album and eighth long-form project, “Crash” […]

A Compendium of Actors: Ana de Armas, the actress and the image

The 2020–21 season was gearing up to be the breakout of Ana de Armas. After gaining critical acclaim for her leading performance in “Knives Out” (2019), de Armas hit a career jackpot: a Marilyn Monroe biopic, an erotic thriller with Ben Affleck and even a starring role as the newest Bond girl. This is, of […]

‘The Gilded Age’ provides a joyously simple viewing experience

The period piece is a fundamental staple within modern media. It’s riveting to be transported back to another age, to see the flourishes of the lifestyles and to identify the predecessors to our modern actions. Still, the genre’s impact would be fairly minimal without the contributions of a leading figure, creating the landscape and driving […]

A Compendium of Actors: Meryl Streep — then and now

The influence of Meryl Streep is far-reaching, with her performances fundamentally changing the field of acting. Thus, to focus on just one or two of Streep’s performances as encompassing of her talents would be an exercise in futility. Rather, one must consider the sheer glut of content. So, for this week, let’s go back in […]