Henry Jani

Henry Jani is a sophomore majoring in English. He can be reached at [email protected]

Word of the Day: druthers

Word of the Day: druthers noun plural Ÿ druth·ers Ÿ\ˈdrə-thərz\ def: the power or opportunity to choose My room was wet, cold and rather noisy this morning. At the Crafts House, I am surrounded by sprinklers and a cement path, so my night consisted of intermittent shifts of mist diffusing through the windows and students’ […]

Hil, round two

Dear Hillary, Wowza. Look at you. You may remember that I wrote you in September, actually in the first column of my “Reply All” series. I’m so glad you took my advice and declared your candidacy for the next presidential election! I mean, you never called to thank me, but it’s whatever. You also may recall […]


Dear hair aficionados, Beards. Neck beards. Nipples. Matching carpets and drapes? Nasty. Anyways, these hirsute locations on our bodies are sadly not the focus of this letter: We’re talking head hair. More importantly, combining some different types of quaffs that seem to be the most “trendy” within current culture. Chop chop. A recent phenomenon within […]

Campus fishbowl

Dear Prospies, I feel like this school has transformed into a deli. No, it is not because some newfound lunchmeat odor has recently consumed campus in a honey ham hurry. Rather, I’ve become the chicken breast (shaved of course) behind the glass counter alongside the other students at Tufts. Campus tours have exponentially grown in […]

Dear audience members

I’ve been watching you from high above. That’s right, up in the clouds, through the heavens — of Cohen Auditorium. This week, I spent my time running back and forth between the stage as an assistant sound designer for Tufts’ spring musical, Into the Woods. The soundboard was located just above the audience in the […]

Cheesin’ in CLE

Dear Midwesterners, I missed you. Hailing from the state that’s round on the ends but high in the middle (Ohio, you goons) comes with its own colloquial oddities and simplicity that I often forget about while studying on the East Coast at Tufts. Going back to Cleveland for the week turned out to be a […]

Spring sprang sprung

Dear Spring Break, Finally, your presence has crept up on us. And I’m not talking about the iconic “Spring Breakers” (2012), Riff Raff kind of spring break. I’m talking about the week of solace colleges offer, characterized by a mass exodus of student to different locations and activities. While there are many options and forms, all can […]

Yonder, ya’ll

Dear mental sanity, Wintertime. Being constantly surrounded by myriads of people. Eating “curried tofu surprise” for the third day in a row at the dining hall. During this time of year, it can understandably be difficult to escape from the bubble that a college campus can create. The state of isolation, especially here in Boston, […]

I Am Daniel Powter

Dear sad boys/girls/non-gender binary conforming friends, Sometimes you just get rad sad. Maybe you were happy thinking about the Boston Olympics, but then remembered this is the city where you can fall into a snow bank and then eventually be birthed from it a few days later. I’ve personally entered sad boy territory recently (I’m […]

LMS <3

Dear Facebook groups, I’ve been thinking about you a lot recently. One of my friends from home decided to join the Tufts 2018 class page recently, tagging me in posts left and right. For example, he decided to advertise the information that I was auctioning off a ticket to Winter Gala. The many people who […]