Henry Jani

Henry Jani is a sophomore majoring in English. He can be reached at henry.jani@tufts.edu.

The Scandy way

Webster’s Word of the Day: etymology noun \eh-tuh-MAH-luh-jee\ -the history of a word or phrase shown by tracing its development and relationships When I do homework, I listen to Swedish radio. I don’t speak Swedish, don’t personally know any Swedish people nor have I even ever visited Sweden. Nevertheless, the language is beautiful, and I’ve […]

Spic ‘n’ span

Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day: Dyed-in-the-wool adjective \dyde-in-thuh-WOOL\ thoroughgoing, uncompromising I’ve been reflecting a lot lately. About my friends and family, how I’ve matured over the years and if all my life has actually led up to me becoming a monk in the Great Smoky Mountains and churning butter all day. Just usual things. But recently, […]

Bouquets and bleakness

Webster’s Word of the Day: fulsome adjective \FULL-sum\ 1: aesthetically, morally or generally offensive I spent my summer in a wormhole. Actually, it was an endless time of serving diners variations of sad looking chicken, watching guests enjoy the “original” yet egregiously cliché event photo booth and looking at tipsy white people dancing to Pitbull. My boss […]

Sensing the stress

Merriam Webster’s Word of the Day: Equanimity noun \ee-kwuh-NIM-uh-tee\ 1: evenness of mind especially under stress 2: right disposition : balance The other day, I remembered it was November. I had obviously noticed the instantaneous switch from Halloween apparel to Christmas trees at stores, as well as the increase of people wearing blanket scarves and […]

Talon you about it

Webster’s Word of the Day: Trepid adjective \TREP-id\ timorous, fearful While I may not be the proudest resident of Cleveland, Ohio, I can attest that the city has one of the best public park systems I’ve ever encountered. The Metroparks serve as a great place to relax, spend time with family and run alongside the […]

Eau de omelet

Word of the Day: Underwhelm verb \un-der-WELM\ :to fail to impress or stimulate I still often shiver with fear at the sight of eggs. When my team arrived at my cross-country camp senior year of high school, the bus doors opened, and we were welcomed with a wall of stench that came to be described […]

Dworkin’ on your case

Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s Word of the Day: jurisprudence noun \joor-us-PROO-dunss\ definition: the science or philosophy of law My entire life, I’ve unknowingly lived under a duplicitous identity. My friends and family knew me as Henry Allan Jani, but Big Brother had me listed otherwise: Henry A. Jani. On government documents, my middle name was shortened to a simple […]

Fir you

Wooden adjective \WOOD-un\ Definition made or consisting of wood; lacking ease or flexibility : awkwardly stiff My elementary school playground was a splinter palace. Our wooden, monolithic jungle gym decorated the entire front façade of the school, an obvious remnant from the yesteryears of the school’s original construction. Thinking about it now, I’m always shocked that anyone […]

Student finds spontaneity in busy college life

spontaneous \spahn-TAY-nee-us\ adjective 1. done, said, or produced freely and naturally 2. arising from a momentary impulse Today, I’m especially aerodynamic. I managed to get to the dining hall from my room in two seconds flat, thanks to being a streamlined biddie, silky smooth with my newly shaved head and face. Over the summer, I […]

Little Boxes: snippets of life in an old hotel

Word of the Day: modicum A small portion : a limited quantity Growing up, my family lived in a high rise called the Carlyle on the Lake in the suburbs of Cleveland. A relic of the bountiful industrial age, the former hotel was transformed into a residential building in accordance with the city’s assimilation into the […]