Haruka Noishiki is a sophomore who has not yet declared a major. Haruka can be reached at haruka.noishiki@tufts.edu.

El Centro: Dancing through

I sat on a brown, wooden floor sprinkled by sunlight, drawing a cautious half-circle around my folded legs. I was four. I was on the second floor of my preschool building where we had after-school programs, first-year homerooms, and an upstairs dance studio. I was at my after-school gymnastics program, twirling around in my pink […]

El Centro: Deeper into Halligan

Last week, I explored the value that Halligan and the computer science community has for me. It’s a space where I find supportive women. The undergraduate teaching assistants (TAs), students with more experience in the computer science department, proved essential to a computer science and international relations double major with whom I spoke. He finds that Halligan […]

El Centro: Halligan

I seem to like being in introductory courses. My first semester at Tufts, I took EC 5; I don’t understand graphs. This semester, I’m taking BIO 13. Last semester, I took COMP 11. I was interested in the course in a curiously-peeking-around-a-corner way, in part because of the large number of computer science majors at […]

El Centro: Remembering

I was born and raised in Japan. I say this when meeting someone for the first time. That is true; there is no other country that I would call my own, for and of which I am grateful and proud. It’s also true that American culture raised me too. Most of my peers back home surrounded […]

Majors and Minors: Taiko to Radwimps with Naoki

This is Naoki Okada, a first-year from Tokyo, Japan. He is planning to major in computer science, and he plays the piano and flute. His favorite food is asam laksa — Malaysian noodles that his friend’s father cooked when he visited Malaysia this past summer. Naoki shared his insight into contemporary music in Japan. Haruka (H): […]

Majors and Minors: Peruvian Marinera to Festejo with Andrea

This is Andrea Chavez, a first-year of Peruvian heritage from Massachusetts who lived in Chimbote, Peru for three years. She plays the acoustic guitar, used to play the violin and still sometimes plays the piano. She is planning to major in quantitative economics, and she loves Peruvian food. Andrea shared her insight into music today […]

Majors and Minors: ‘Friends’ to Taiwanese opera with Karen

This is Karen Wu, a first-year from Taiwan who intends to major in international relations. She loves oolong tea, but at Dewick goes for orange jasmine green tea. Karen shared her perspective on the music scene today in Taiwan. Haruka (H): What’s pop music in Taiwan like? What genre, and which artist, is most popular right now? Karen (K): […]

Majors and Minors: From Jay Chou to Peking opera with Shirley

This is Shirley Wang, a first-year from Tianjin, China, a city about an hour away from Beijing. She’s planning to major in international relations, with a potential double major in education. She has played piano for more than 10 years, she enjoys eating a Tianjin-style crispy cookie dough-like breakfast food and she also enjoys watching cat […]

Majors and Minors: Fauve to French Touch with Matt

This is Matthew Jourlait, a French-American-Canadian first-year, sharing his insight into music today in France. He plans to major in international relations. He played the piano for nine years, and his favorite composer is Bach. Haruka (H): What is music in France like today? What genre, and which artist, is most popular right now? Matt (M): It’s […]

Majors and Minors: Cumbias and reggaeton in Panama with Carlos

This is Carlos Irisarri, a first-year from Panama and France who has already declared both his majors in political science and history. He used to play the acoustic guitar. He — along with the the rest of Panama — is very excited that his home country has just qualified for the World Cup. The entire nation was […]