Hannah Shin is a staff writer at the Tufts Daily. She is a Junior majoring in English and minoring in Music. She can be reached at Hannah.Shin@tufts.edu.

Q&A: Alecia McGregor talks hospital closures and political determinants of health care

Alecia McGregor is an assistant professor of community health. This semester, she teaches the community health course called Too Big to Fail? Hospitals and the Changing Landscape. Her recent research looks at the political determinants of hospital closures. In an interview with the Daily, McGregor talked about her research as well as her concerns regarding the U.S. hospital business’ political power […]

Students discuss perks, difficulties of working for university calling center

Despite the prominent advertisements aimed at recruiting students to join Tufts Telefund, many students are unfamiliar with how the organization works. Tufts Telefund Manager Justin Levin said that Telefund works with the university to fund different aspects of student life, including financial aid, clubs and sports teams. The organization does so by hiring undergraduate or graduate students to call alumni, as well as […]

At the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, students take ownership of their courses and theses

The Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) major is a relatively hidden opportunity that can be a blessing for students who cannot fulfill their academic appetite with Tufts’ pre-designed majors. The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies’ (CIS) website describes the major as an option for students whose academic interests span multiple disciplines and who want to tailor their own course load at Tufts. The website […]

Professor Shalini Tendulkar teaches community-centered approach to research in year-long course

The Tufts School of Arts and Sciences’ mission statement says that the school educates students to take on “transformational leadership in communities around the world.” In many ways, community health Professor Shalini Tendulkar takes that message and applies it not to communities throughout the world, but to the communities closest to Tufts through her year-long research course, CH182: Community Health […]