Grace Prendergast is an opinion editor at The Tufts Daily. Grace is a sophomore studying political science and can be reached at [email protected]

Vaccine Loophole Viewpoint
Don’t exploit vaccine loopholes

Some may argue that everyone will get vaccinated eventually or that pandemic restrictions have endured for too long, but one truth remains: These justifications exacerbate harmful public health and socioeconomic disparities. Those with access to the internet, a community with a medical presence and the time to search for vaccine appointments are benefitting from an inequitable system.

Spring Break Viewpoint Cartoon
In the absence of spring break, Tufts should provide opportunities for rest

The single Friday off from classes does not provide students an adequate break to offset feelings of academic burnout and emotional exhaustion. To address these effects, Tufts should provide wellness days throughout the semester to offer students a necessary break from school.

Tufts administration, faculty must continue to support students during the spring semester

While the continuation of EP/F into the spring is an important step forward, it is also vital that professors respond to feedback from the fall semester and adjust their schedules and syllabi for this semester.