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Geoff Tobia Jr. is an assistant arts editor at the Tufts Daily. He is a junior with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Music Engineering. Geoff can be contacted at [email protected]

Our editors chose the top 10 albums of 2021

Jack’s List 10. “Still Over It” (Summer Walker) Following up the immense success of Summer Walker’s debut album “Over It” (2019) was difficult enough. To return with an even greater collection of songs is impressive, and Walker accomplished just that. 9. “Montero” (Lil Nas X) With his debut album release, Lil Nas X asserts that […]

Remembering Virgil Abloh: One of art’s most awe-inspiring creators

Arguably no one in modern history will be as admired for the amount of creativity and innovation in their art as Virgil Abloh. Illinois-born fashion designer, artistic director, producer and DJ, Virgil Abloh was known and very well respected across all avenues of art. Sadly, Abloh passed away on Sunday, Nov. 28 at the age […]

Mom Jeans, Origami Angel and friends put on a night of pop punk splendor

On Nov. 19, four bands got together to perform a wonderful display of pop punk and emo rock at The Palladium in Worcester, Mass. Mom Jeans served as the headlining band for the tour, with the support of Origami Angel, Save Face and Pool Kids. The venue was jam-packed from the start, with the bottom-level […]

‘Montero’ is monumental

It has been almost three years since the release of the multi-platinum certified “Old Town Road” (2019) which started rapper Montero Lamar Hill, better known as Lil Nas X, on the proverbial road to fame. Over the course of those years, Lil Nas X went from working two jobs at Zaxby’s and Six Flags Over […]

Injury Reserve’s ‘By the Time I Get to Phoenix’ expresses pain through groundbreaking music

Injury Reserve’s future suddenly became uncertain following the passing of key member Stepa J. Groggs in June 2020. The experimental hip-hop trio, composed of rappers Groggs (Jordan Groggs), Ritchie with a T (Nathaniel Ritchie) and producer Parker Corey, was suddenly a duo. This summer, they finally announced the release of their newest album “By the […]

Porter Robinson’s ‘Nurture’ showers the world with hope, musical splendor

Seven years of hard work and navigation through life has led Porter Robinson to create another masterpiece in "Nurture."

Revisiting the impact of Jethro Tull’s ‘Aqualung’ 50 years later

Inspired by The Beatles, Jethro Tull formed in the U.K. to write music and cashed in on sounds that progressive rock bands like Cream, Led Zeppelin and King Crimson were pioneering in the mid-to-late 1960s. As lead singer Ian Anderson explained in a 2018 interview with Decades TV, “It was the beginning of that improvised music slipping into the popular format. It came via blues, it came via Black American blues and it had impacted a whole generation of young, middle-class, white British boys, most of whom went to art colleges.” 

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s ‘L.W.’ is organized chaos

The band is hard to classify as anything. Psychedelic rock, art rock and acid rock are decent attempts at trying to describe the overwhelming variety of genres that King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, also known as King Gizz, has experimented with. The six-member Australian group has grown their fan base mostly thanks to their musical explorations beyond the scope of rock. 

‘Tyron’ is a two-headed dragon of emotions, hard-hitting rap

The release of “Tyron” (2021) was on every fan’s radar, and Slowthai has once again delivered an excellent piece of work. A two-part album, Frampton’s sophomore record is chock-full of life-spilling details and streams of consciousness over a wonderful array of instrumentals.

‘Origin of the Alimonies’ explores identity, philosophy through black metal

If you're prepared to endure the contents of "Origin of the Alimonies," you will be amazed by what Hunter Hunt-Hendrix brings to the table musically. Yet again, Liturgy has brought one of the most mind-blowing albums of its year.