Geoff Tobia Jr. is an arts editor at the Tufts Daily. He is a senior with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Music Engineering. Geoff can be contacted at [email protected]

Senior Reflection: Geoff Tobia Jr. on student performance culture

On-campus activities were undeniably an extremely fulfilling and rewarding facet of my college experience. While I’ll do my best to describe my experiences and navigation through the sea of extracurriculars that Tufts has to offer, I want this reflection to mostly serve as advice. There are two focal points of advice that I have; both […]

Q&A: Audio engineer Sean Matsukawa on taking creative charge, maintaining motivation in music

Editor’s Note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.  Hailing from Torrance, Calif., Sean Matsukawa is a man of many musical talents. He’s a multi-instrumentalist, producer and solo artist with a signature sound coming from his eight-string guitar and experimental tonal environments. Some may know him for his songs “Palm” (2018) and “Spiderweb” […]

Omar Apollo’s “Ivory” shows musical growth at its finest

The growth and rise to pop stardom by Omar Apollo is still in progress, but the progress he’s made in the past five years is wild. Apollo has gone from sporadically dropping singles to releasing two very solid EPs and distributing his first mini-album experience on “Apolonio” (2020). It’s been a long way since his […]

Luxurious, elegant soundscapes define Stromae’s comeback album ‘Multitude’

In the sea of artists and bands who made comebacks over the past couple of years, Stromae was one of the most anticipated but unexpected returns in the world. Born Paul Van Haver, the Belgian singer and producer made a name for himself through various electropop and dance songs, with his extremely emotive singing voice […]

Black Country, New Road’s ‘Ants From Up There’ shows emotional rawness and pure genius

One of the most promising bands out of the United Kingdom, the six-piece Black Country, New Road has a catalog, albeit very small, that shows true musical prowess and ability to create one-of-a-kind timbral environments. “For The First Time” (2021), the band’s debut album, features instrumental arrangements that teeter on gorgeous yet terrifying, and guitarist […]

Saba’s third album ‘Few Good Things’ teaches lessons in appreciation and character building

In an Instagram post last Thursday, the day before the drop of Saba’s third studio album “Few Good Things” (2022), the Chicago rapper left some instructions and notes for his fans and critics to observe and ponder before the material was released. Perhaps most notably, a request for the media: “I challenge you not to […]

Our editors chose the top 10 albums of 2021

Jack’s List 10. “Still Over It” (Summer Walker) Following up the immense success of Summer Walker’s debut album “Over It” (2019) was difficult enough. To return with an even greater collection of songs is impressive, and Walker accomplished just that. 9. “Montero” (Lil Nas X) With his debut album release, Lil Nas X asserts that […]

Remembering Virgil Abloh: One of art’s most awe-inspiring creators

Arguably no one in modern history will be as admired for the amount of creativity and innovation in their art as Virgil Abloh. Illinois-born fashion designer, artistic director, producer and DJ, Virgil Abloh was known and very well respected across all avenues of art. Sadly, Abloh passed away on Sunday, Nov. 28 at the age […]

Mom Jeans, Origami Angel and friends put on a night of pop punk splendor

On Nov. 19, four bands got together to perform a wonderful display of pop punk and emo rock at The Palladium in Worcester, Mass. Mom Jeans served as the headlining band for the tour, with the support of Origami Angel, Save Face and Pool Kids. The venue was jam-packed from the start, with the bottom-level […]

‘Montero’ is monumental

It has been almost three years since the release of the multi-platinum certified “Old Town Road” (2019) which started rapper Montero Lamar Hill, better known as Lil Nas X, on the proverbial road to fame. Over the course of those years, Lil Nas X went from working two jobs at Zaxby’s and Six Flags Over […]

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