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‘Origin of the Alimonies’ explores identity, philosophy through black metal

If you're prepared to endure the contents of "Origin of the Alimonies," you will be amazed by what Hunter Hunt-Hendrix brings to the table musically. Yet again, Liturgy has brought one of the most mind-blowing albums of its year.

“Hey u x” serves as a remarkable debut for BENEE

As if she somehow had more to prove, BENEE's debut album "Hey u x" (2020) is an incredible, filler-free collection of songs. It's a wild ride of fun storytelling, emotional depth and total bangers, all showing different facets of BENEE's talents.

Puscifer’s latest project is one of 2020’s most well-layered albums

While there’s a lot to unpack with this record, its sound is as solid as any of Keenan’s other work and is a solid return after over four years since their previous release.

Omar Apollo continues to shine on ‘Apolonio’

Omar Apollo is a sight to behold. This is clearly evident, judging by the album cover for his debut album "Apolonio" (2020). Pictured with his bright teal hair, Apollo is seen bathing in a shimmery purplish liquid, his skin glowing brighter than his shiny white guitar, and butterflies resting on his legs, chest, and fretboard. He set a high bar of expectation for his debut album to meet, and he had no problem meeting it.

The stunning (and scary) beauty behind ‘All Thoughts Fly’

To get a taste of Neoclassical darkwave, Anna von Hausswolff is the best place to start. While her music can be classified or categorized in numerous other ways, von Hausswolff definitely blends classical and darker, drone-y elements into her compositions.

No Suits discusses ‘SEX’ — their newest EP

Back in the doldrums of summer quarantine, The Daily had the opportunity to interview No Suits – a music group you may not have heard of, but you should know. Self-described as a blend of “hip hop, funk and alternative with live instrumentation…”, their sound draws on those of artists like Still Woozy, Pink Floyd and Kota the Friend -- an eclectic but effective mix.

Kota the Friend discusses ‘Everything’ and everything else

“I’m good at introductions … I keep it sweet and simple.” This was Kota the Friend’s confident response when asked what he would do if he met Jay-Z, his favorite artist and biggest hero.  Kota the Friend is a Brooklyn-based rapper who has so far maintained a fairly low profile in the hip-hop community, but […]

50 Years Ago: Black Sabbath pioneers metal music on their debut album

Origins of music are sometimes very hard to trace. When it comes to metal subgenres, that can be an especially difficult thing to do. However, no one has to do much digging to find the album that became a foundation for all of metal music: Black Sabbath’s first release, “Black Sabbath” (1970). This past Thursday, […]

Dillon Francis’ fun-oriented formula wins support from Boston fans

Los Angeles-based DJ Dillon Francis is well-regarded among fellow EDM artists and fans as being one of the most entertaining producers in the world. Not only famous for his notoriously entertaining Instagram and Snapchat posts, Francis is also known for making hard-hitting moombahton — a mix of reggaeton and house music. His heavy synths and […]

Poppy’s ‘I Disagree’ destined to be a crucial moment in her discography

Breaking convention is not uncommon. We see plenty of artists performing in ways that break the mold that they formed through their earlier work. Typically, it pays off, but it takes fans and critics a couple months, or even years, to realize that the artist’s decisions were going to be an important step in their […]