Fury Sheron is a junior majoring in Japanese. Fury can be reached at [email protected]

E is for Everyone: Left 4 Dead

Why should you play “Left 4 Dead” (2008) and its sequel, “Left 4 Dead 2” (2009)? Because they were engineered to be the perfect replayable shared narrative experience for up to four players. And before you scoff and say, “Fury, isn’t ‘Left 4 Dead’ a zombie game? Aren’t those mindless and really banal at this […]

E for Everyone: The Stanley Parable

Why should you play “The Stanley Parable” (2013)? Because it makes you sincerely, wholeheartedly want to play through the same short series of absurd events over and over until you fully realize the awesome power of office tedium, game in-jokes and devastatingly sarcastic fourth wall breaking. What started out as a “Half-Life 2” (2014) mod was remade at full-scale in the Source engine by a very small […]

E for Everyone: Mini Metro

Why should you play “Mini Metro” (2015)? Because it is one of the most beautiful examples of using minimalism to make an incredibly intuitive, relevant and rewarding game. Dreamed up in 2013 by the developers of New Zealand-based Dinosaur Polo Club at a game jam, this hypnotic wonder of a game is about creating an […]

E For Everyone: Shovel Knight

Why should you play “Shovel Knight” (2014)? Because it was made for the express purpose of delighting you, and goodness gracious does it deliver. No matter what age you are, “Shovel Knight” is an accessible yet challenging and charming 2D platformer full of magic and humor that will make you smile whether or not you […]

E for Everyone: Rampage Knights

Why should you play “Rampage Knights” (2015)? Because it is arguably the most fun you’ll ever have playing a cooperative roguelike. Inspired by the shiny-eyed, cartoon nightmare that was “The Binding of Isaac” (2011) and the hack-and-slash mechanics of “Golden Axe” (1989), “Rampage Knights” is a two-player game like no other. From the outside, it […]

E for Everyone: Portal

Why should you play “Portal” (2007)? Because it is arguably the most intuitively-designed game ever made. Also because it’s hilarious, absurdly fun, outstandingly satisfying and has a very touching origin story if you’re interested. But there are so many facets of this wonderful little four-hour game that exploded expectations everywhere that I’m only going to focus […]

E For Everyone: Blackbox

Why should you play “Blackbox – think outside the box” (2016)? Because it finally gave the tired phrase ‘a game unlike any other’ something meaningful to do. This is a game specifically created for the technical abilities of an iPhone, but don’t stop reading. I, like you probably, am always hesitant to download a mobile game […]

E For Everyone: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue and Red Rescue Team

Why should you play “Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue / Red Rescue Team” (2005)? Because it was the game that proved to the world that Pokémon is more than just a repetitive, random-number-generation-reliant cash cow. Mystery Dungeon showed us a beautiful and different perspective into the Pokémon world: an altruistic, mystical, deeply personal, story-rich experience entirely without humans. […]

E For Everyone: Screencheat

Why should you play “Screencheat” (2014)? Because it is a perfect example of when developers observe a flaw with a standard and then use it as a tool. ‘Split-screen multiplayer’ refers to local multiplayer games dividing the single screen that players are looking at into zones, each acting as a smaller screen for one player. This […]

E for Everyone: Ori and the Blind Forest

“Ori and the Blind Forest” (2015) is designed by Moon Studios, a collection of ex-AAA developers gone indie. The game functions as a “love-letter to 2D” by combining the simple pleasures of an explorative platformer seamlessly with unobtrusive cinematic elements and the most gorgeous and enchanting artwork, sound design and soundtrack. You are Ori, a protective spirit who […]