Fina Short

Fina Short is the Executive Features Editor at The Tufts Daily. She is a senior studying International Relations & Political Science with a Chinese minor and can be reached at

Off-campus student workers get to meet the neighborhood

While many students explore Davis, Teele and Union Squares for the food, shops and occasional festivals, some students take a step further into knowing the Medford/Somerville area they call home for a transient four years. Various students who work off campus, as well as some business owners, shared their experiences as part of the local business community. Among those […]

Q&A: Political Science professor talks whiteness, Charlottesville, Tufts’ role

In the wake of white supremacist demonstrations in Charlottesville, some have been left with questions about how the country got here. Deborah Schildkraut, the chair of the Department of Political Science at Tufts, authored the book “Americanism in the Twenty-First Century: Public Opinion in the Age of Immigration” and, last semester, taught the course Public […]

Senior Profile: Kofi Asante

In four short years, senior Kofi Asante has launched a branch of a startup in Boston, organized the recent Voices of the Hill event and even started his own company out of his first-year dorm room. The company came out of Asante and his friends’ desires to know about social events happening on campus and in the surrounding area. […]

Local groups showcase skills and community bonds at ‘A Very Somerville 175th Birthday Party’

On March 29, the City of Somerville came together to toast its 175th year with what it called a “Very Somerville Birthday Party.” The celebration was part of a yearlong effort to commemorate Somerville’s foundation when it split from Charlestown. A colonial fair and veterans’ memorial parade are among the other events planned for the anniversary. With […]

Bfresh provides new grocery option for Davis Square neighborhood, Tufts students

Davis Square has lacked a grocery store since Farmer’s Bounty Grocery closed in 2012. But this changed on Friday, Feb. 24 with the opening of the Massachusetts-based grocery chain bfresh at 240 Elm St. “We have everything,” Director of Operations Coby Reinhardt said, gesturing across the new store. “Produce and flowers and holiday cards, prepared foods we make right here […]

FOCUS faces probation for alcohol-related incidents last fall

Every August, about 200 first-years flock to Medford five days before orientation begins to participate in Tufts’ popular Freshman Orientation CommUnity Service (FOCUS) pre-orientation program, according to Director of Campus Life Joe Golia. For some of these first-year participants as well as upperclassmen who participate in the program as support staff, leaders and coordinators, FOCUS is a significant part of their campus […]

Prof. Simon Rosenberg on career, the Democratic Party’s past and future battles

“If the polls are right and Hillary Clinton wins on Nov. 8, Democrats will have won more votes in six of the past seven presidential elections,” Simon Rosenberg (LA ’85) wrote in an Oct. 20 U.S. News opinion column. While the polls have fluctuated more significantly over the past few weeks, many Clinton supporters might believe that her […]

As pre-orientation programs grow, students, staff consider their impact on non-participants

First-year Sara Kniaz put a lot of thought into her decision not to participate in a pre-orientation program. After speaking with many students about their experiences, she decided it would be easier not to participate because of cost, confusion over logistics of the programs and a lack of enthusiasm about the offerings.  However, Kniaz said that upon arriving on campus, she regretted her decision. “I had […]