Evan Zigmond is a sophomore studying music. Evan can be reached at [email protected]

Out on the Town: Union Square/Bow Market

Over the past couple weeks, my eternal search for a way to kill time has led me to Union Square in Somerville. I have fallen in love with the area, and I’m eager to share it with all of you. There are all sorts of attractions there, which warrant repeat visits to the square to […]

Out on the Town: Boston Half Half Half Half Half Marathon

I have always wanted to attend a ‘joke’ Facebook event. My friends are constantly marking themselves interested in these events, and I always wonder if they are as fun in practice as they are online. Recently, I seized the opportunity by registering for the “Boston Half Half Half Half Half Marathon.” However, the .826-mile race, […]

Out on the Town: Chelsea Pupusa Festival

Trying new foods is endlessly exciting to me, and discovering pupusas was no exception. Despite this El Salvadoran dish’s decent representation in Greater Boston, I hadn’t heard of it until a few weeks ago. When I discovered the Pupusa Fiesta happening in Chelsea, Mass. this past weekend, I knew I had to get off campus […]

Out on the Town: Boston Tattoo Convention

For all its flaws, Facebook is the adventurer’s best friend. I learned recently that by searching “events in Boston this weekend,” one has access to information about many different kinds of events. Scrolling the search results this week, I encountered the Boston Tattoo Convention, a large gathering of tattoo artists and enthusiasts from around the U.S. […]

Out on the Town: Green space spring preview

While Boston is an entertaining city with lots to do, the cold often acts as a strong deterrent from leaving campus, let alone exploring the city. With spring on the horizon, however, the gentler climate allows for much easier sightseeing. I look forward to spending as much time outside in the city as I can, […]

Out on the Town: East Boston

For the 18 months that I’ve been in Greater Boston, East Boston has remained a mystery to me. Besides rides to the airport there, I haven’t really been at all. In my mind, East Boston exists separate from Boston proper, regardless of its actual location within the city limits. This probably has to do with […]

Out on the Town: Roxbury Afro-American Art Museum

Going off campus repeatedly is enriching in more ways than one. In addition to the thrill of seeing a new place, one can make connections between different institutions as they see more and more of the city. Learning about Boston’s distinguished individuals and the communities in which they live bestows character and humanity on an already […]

Out on the Town: BU Bridge

Greater Boston is one-of-a-kind in many ways. Among other things, we have the Charles River. Unlike many large rivers in the U.S., the Charles cleanly separates Boston from its surrounding suburbs. The finality of the municipal border between Boston and Cambridge crystallizes a stark contrast between the architecture, layout and general vibe of the two […]

Out on the Town: Providence

Living in Greater Boston has presented us with a unique opportunity: We can use public transport to cross state lines. Specifically, it is possible, and surprisingly simple, to travel to Providence, R.I. using the commuter rail. If you’re like me, that’s a reason to go in and of itself. If you need more reasons to […]

Out on the Town: Inman Square

As Tufts students, the Red Line is our best friend for when we want to get into the city. There are various other ways to travel to Cambridge or Boston, but they aren’t nearly as quick or reliable as our dearly beloved subway cars. However, the convenience of the Red Line comes at a cost: […]

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