Ethan Steinberg is the investigative editor at The Tufts Daily. He previously served as Managing Editor, Associate Editor and Executive Copy Editor. Ethan is a senior studying international relations and can be reached at [email protected]

Some undergrad TAs paid thousands more than others as stipends, hourly rates inconsistent among departments

Editor’s note: Jackson Parsells served on the Daily’s executive board as the web team lead. Evelyn McClure was on the Daily’s managing board as the business director. Neither was involved in the writing or editing of this article. A day before classes began this semester, junior Nina Collins received an email from her former boss. […]

University seeks to control enrollment, admits fewer students this year

Jana Dia has never been to the United States before, but she knows she wants one of her first stops to be Medford, Mass. This rising first-year hails from a city in eastern Paraguay that borders Argentina and Brazil. She knows four languages — she hopes to learn a fifth at Tufts — and come […]

California man arrested after threatening calls prompted manhunt

A California man who claimed to be carrying a pistol in a female student’s dorm room last May was arrested on Thursday, U.S. Attorney Rachel Rollins’ office said, following an investigation from federal prosecutors that lasted more than 10 months. Sammy Sultan, 48, of Hayward, Calif., was charged with making threatening communications in interstate commerce, […]

Tufts accepts record-low 9% of applicants to Class of 2026

Tufts University offered admission to 9% of applicants to the undergraduate Class of 2026, the admissions office announced Tuesday, marking the lowest acceptance rate in university history. In a year that saw applications climb and admissions offers plunge, the Class of 2026’s acceptance rate eclipses the previous record-low of 11% set by the Class of […]

Masks will no longer be required indoors in Somerville, health board says

The Somerville Board of Health voted unanimously on Thursday to end requirements for masking indoors, propelling the city into the next phase of the pandemic and aligning its policy with Medford, Cambridge and other municipalities in the Greater Boston area. The move comes as new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests […]

Starbucks will open in the Joyce Cummings Center this summer

Construction is underway for a new Starbucks location set to open on the first floor of the Joyce Cummings Center as early as this summer, Tufts’ Director of Auxiliary Services Jason McClellan confirmed in an email to the Daily.  The new store from the global coffee brand will be limited to pickup orders, and its entrance […]

The end of affirmative action may be near. Here’s what that could mean for Tufts

With the Supreme Court poised to consider the fate of affirmative action later this year, experts say the decision could have wide-reaching effects on the number of Black and Hispanic students admitted to selective schools. But administrators at Tufts said the possible end of affirmative action will not thwart the university’s commitment to building a […]

There won’t be a vaccine mandate in Somerville, at least for now, health board says

Individuals in Somerville will not have to show proof of vaccination to enter businesses in the city, at least for now, a health panel said in late January.  Mayor Katjana Ballantyne’s bid for a vaccine mandate was rejected by the city’s health board by a vote of 2–1 at a Jan. 20 meeting.  The order […]

Applications to Class of 2026 reach record high, admissions expected to be more competitive

More than 34,800 students applied to the Tufts undergraduate Class of 2026, marking a record-high number of applicants and a nearly 12% increase from last year, according to a Jan. 18 press release from the university. The applicant pool is also the most diverse in Tufts’ history. The total number of applications eclipsed last year’s […]

Here’s what you need to know about local mask mandates

While Tufts students were away over the break, local officials were enacting new policies — and reintroducing old ones — to govern vaccination proof and mask use in public settings.  Just as finals were wrapping up last month, the Medford Board of Health voted unanimously to reinstate a citywide indoor mask mandate. The order requires […]