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Students report noncompliance with university guidelines amid COVID-19 surge

Although Tufts has mostly done well with controlling the virus through frequent testing, social distancing guidelines and a hybrid learning model, the past several weeks have shown a spike in cases on the Medford/Somerville campus, as well as an increased number of students in quarantine as a result of contact.

In new program, CELT pairs students, faculty to address inequity in classrooms

This semester, the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) launched the Pedagogical Partnership Program, an initiative that pairs faculty and students to foster conversation about pedagogy and equity in Tufts’ classrooms.

Students from coast to coast protest police brutality, seek justice for George Floyd

Manhattan, New York City “You’re one of the good ones,” an officer told one of Cara Hernandez’s friends in high school after checking their school ID. Hernandez, who is African American and Puerto Rican American, and her friend, who is African American, attended a private school in the Bronx. To Hernandez, the implication was clear.  […]

From New York to California, COVID-19 disrupts Tufts students, their lifestyles

Over the past several weeks, COVID-19 has affected the entire university. Campus closed abruptly, classes went virtual and the Tufts community now lies scattered across the world. As the virus has spread, some locations have been hit harder than others.  According to data collected by The New York Times, over 370,000 cases have been reported […]

Tufts Global Education to overhaul Ghana program, implement interim plan for fall 2020

In many ways, the Tufts-in-Ghana program offers students a unique study abroad experience. Students have the opportunity to live and learn with local Ghanaians, to take weekend excursions to sites of historical and cultural significance and to hone their sense of independence as they navigate an academic system that’s substantially different from the one in […]

Doug Harris, candidate for Alumni Trustee, speaks about diversity, connections to Tufts

Each year, Tufts University alumni elect one or more of their own to serve on the Board of Trustees, a 40-member body of which 10 are university alumni. This year two candidates are vying for a single spot as an Alumni Trustee.  Doug Harris (LA’81), one of the two candidates, spoke with the Daily about […]