Eric Smiley is a senior majoring in Mathematics. He can be reached at [email protected]

Flashes of Brilliance: Saying goodbye

It was my 13th birthday. I woke up to the sound and sight of steady rain. I figured that my scheduled Little League game would be cancelled, and the sinking depression of a possible postponement crept into my mind. In those days, I would go to bed laughably early the night before games because sleep was […]

Weird baseball

This past Sunday, my beloved New York Yankees lost a thoroughly uninteresting game to the Tampa Bay Rays. The loss dropped them into last place and saw their highest paid player exit with an injury. Sunday was also the best day of this young baseball season. If not in the Bronx, the thrilling games in […]

Flashes of Brilliance: Lemonade stands and Marathon Monday

Patriots’ Day is a wonderful day. Those of us lucky enough to attend college in Massachusetts are gifted a three-day weekend. Some of us use it to catch up on schoolwork, some of us make up for lost sleep and some of us attend (or even participate in) the delightful Boston Marathon. Each of my […]

You can’t predict baseball

Every time the Colorado Rockies play baseball, I find myself following their games closely, waiting for the batting order to turn over. I have never been to Denver, and I do not root for the team. Ten days ago, I had never heard the name Trevor Story. Today, I will wait anxiously for Story to […]

Flashes of Brilliance: 100 meters in the blink of an eye

For two weeks this summer, people all across this world will watch people walk as fast as they can without running. We will care about which horse has been taught to dance the best. We will not only view a group of women synchronously playing with hula hoops, but we will opine on which group […]

Flashes of Brilliance: Bordering on the surreal

For 75 seconds, no words were spoken. The crowd roared, the stadium shook and the players jumped around in the pure and unfiltered joy that only accompanies the occurrence of the impossible. For the second consecutive night, in that city, in that ballpark, the dynasty refused to go peacefully; in the most dramatic fashion — a pair […]

King James

Before he had ever played in a professional game, Sports Illustrated christened him the “Chosen One,” and he had the moniker tattooed across his upper back. Before he had graduated from high school, his games were nationally televised spectacles with him as the preternaturally gifted focal point. Before he was the greatest basketball player in […]

March Madness

This month, 68 Div. I basketball teams will enter a single elimination tournament. Sixty-seven of these teams’ seasons will end in a loss. Sixty-seven separate times, senior students that have dedicated an incomprehensible amount of their life to the sport will weep when the clock hits zero. Just one team will exit “March Madness” victorious. […]

Flashes of Brilliance: Spring Training

Baseball is boring. Most of the time, the players are stationary: waiting around as the pitcher rubs the ball, removes and replaces his hat, tugs on his belt and peers in towards the catcher’s calloused fingers for a sign. There are too many commercials, too many pitching changes, too many strikeouts. The stakes for each […]

Flashes of Brilliance: Rafa

It was January 2014, and I stayed up all night to watch tennis. The men’s final of the Australian Open was to be held half a world away in Melbourne, and because of the time difference, it would start at 3 a.m. local time here at Tufts. On one side of the court stood the substantial […]