Eran Sabaner is an arts editor at the Tufts Daily. He is a junior majoring in art history and film and media studies. He can be reached at [email protected]

‘Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story’ exhibits the beauty of absurdity in storytelling

The first thing you should know about the critically-adorned, bestselling writer Etgar Keret is that he is a liar. Keret’s friends and family, including the great American novelist Jonathan Franzen, admit this without hesitance. His lies are, however, merely exaggerations for the sake of storytelling — a touch of fantasy to what is mundane. In […]

Berlinale films challenge audience’s assumptions of cinema

Prominent film festivals such as the Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale) offer red carpet events, press conferences, screenings and after-parties to those in the film industry. For many locals, however, Berlinale means an overcrowded city, fully booked restaurants and a frustrating hunt to find tickets. Occasionally, film aficionados might discover the works of talented directors under the […]

‘Call Me By Your Name’ is a tender, sensual tale of desire

Book-to-movie adaptations are more often than not underwhelming. There’s always the question of remaining “faithful” to the source, and runtime is another issue. Perhaps, the biggest limitation is translating literary language into something visual. In the case of André Aciman’s “Call Me By Your Name” (2007) this is particularly true, as the novel’s strongest feature […]

Tufts community members talk alternative music, queer visibility in Middle Eastern cities

In a scene from a 1980s Turkish “Yeşilçam” film, trans diva Bülent Ersoy walks down the street, sporting a grey fur coat and diamond earrings. A little boy in his school uniform points toward Ersoy and asks his mother “Is Bülent Ersoy a man or a woman?” The scene cuts into a close up of Ersoy, who […]

The ‘H&M x Erdem’ collaboration is all about hype and (some) fashion

There was a significant line outside of H&M’s Newbury location on Nov. 2, as people were waiting eagerly to shop the Scandinavian brand’s new high-end collaboration with Canadian born, British-Turkish designer Erdem Moralıoğlu. Those who shopped for H&M’s earlier collaborations knew the drill: Groups of 20 would get bracelets in different colors that indicated the time […]

Lebanese indie band Mashrou’ Leila shows politics can be sexy at Cambridge gig

The line outside The Sinclair on Sunday, Oct. 22 was almost unprecedented for the relatively small venue. Those in the crowd were mostly college students, and they spoke in several languages including English, Arabic, French and Turkish. Although the headliner, Mashrou’ Leila, isn’t very popular in the United States, the band has gained cult status among the Middle […]

St. Vincent’s ‘MASSEDUCTION’ is sensual, playful, strange

St. Vincent has come a long way from the days she toured with Sufjan Steven’s band. From the charming yet somewhat predictable “Marry Me” (2007) to the amusingly hectic “St. Vincent” (2014), her career has been on an upward trajectory since the beginning, each release gaining more critical and commercial attention. Many even dubbed “St. […]

From ‘Homogenic’ to ‘Utopia,’ Björk is a warrior of love

In terms of success, Björk’s career has always been characterized by periods of ebb and flow, an inevitable consequence of experimentation. While “Post” (1995), “Homogenic” (1997) and “Vespertine” (2001) are considered cultural milestones of avant-garde pop, her later three albums, “Medúlla” (2004), “Volta” (2007) and “Biophilia” (2011) were met with more lukewarm reactions, although still […]

LCD Soundsystem, Hercules and Love Affair continue to explore nostalgia for times unknown

Almost every review of LCD Soundsystem’s new album “American Dream” (2017) mentions the same thing: the album is the perfect manifestation of what it means to age. This certainly has been a prominent theme for the band, ever since its first single “Losing My Edge” (2002). The song, deemed alternative dance and dance-punk by music […]

Grizzly Bear makes exciting return with fifth studio album ‘Painted Ruins’

It would be dramatic to declare indie music dead, but the genre certainly isn’t as culturally relevant as it was ten years ago. Once disregarded by the elite, ‘educated’ crowd of music critics and twenty-somethings, genres like hip-hop and house have critically and commercially taken center stage thanks to artists like Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, […]