Emma Damokosh

Emma Damokosh is a features editor at The Tufts Daily. She is a sophomore who is a Political Science and Film and Media studies double major and can be reached at Emma.Damokosh@tufts.edu.

Early Assurance programs offer accelerated path to schools of medicine

Tufts University has become synonymous with health science in many ways. With the Tufts Medical Center, Tufts University School of Medicine, The Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, the university has a lot to offer in terms of furthering the education of students seeking to enter […]

Senior Lillian Sun creates art from inappropriate Tinder messages on @thefleshlightchronicles

Most people who have used dating apps have stories about the funny, offensive or disturbing messages they’ve received. Lillian Sun, a senior majoring in political science and art history, and creator of Instagram account LILLIAN x TINDER (@thefleshlightchronicles), decided to make art out of those messages instead of letting them just sit in her inbox. […]

Rabbi Jeffrey Summit reflects on nearly four decades as Tufts Hillel executive director

Rabbi Jeffrey A. Summit is the outgoing Jewish chaplain and Neubauer Executive Director of Tufts Hillel, as well as a research professor in the music department and Judaic Studies program. During his 39 years at Tufts, in addition to leading Tufts Hillel, he has published monographs on the role of music in Jewish identity and […]

Bosfeed: A new form of student-produced media

Even before the shoot begins, the set of Bosfeed is full of laughter and camaraderie while maintaining the unmistakable air of professionalism, the creators demonstrating their desire to create great content. In the Tufts University Television (TUTV) studio black box, a camera is set up in the middle of the room with two chairs placed directly […]

How do Tufts Democrats, Republicans, Left Unity Project fit into CIVIC’s two-party debate?

Tufts CIVIC held a debate between Tufts Republicans and Tufts Democrats in ASEAN Auditorium at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy on Oct. 26. The debate covered U.S. foreign and domestic policy, which included everything from legislation regarding reproductive health to how to best deal with the potential threat in North Korea. When asked about the goal […]

It takes a community to build Community Day

Countless tables lined the quad, representing various community groups, charities and organizations from Tufts and its surrounding cities. On the outskirts of the maze of tables, various activities for children like face painting, pumpkin painting, cookie decorating and even a mini game of quidditch, facilitated by members of the Tufts Quidditch team engaged young children and […]

Yam Session: A look inside Tufts nighttime radio

Upon entering the WMFO Tufts Freeform Radio studio on the third floor of Curtis Hall at 10 p.m. on March 4, a show winds down with a final, upbeat song. The room looks exactly as one might picture when imagining a collegiate radio station studio — a music-themed paradise of sorts. There is an entire wall dedicated […]

All about under-enrollment

While Tufts offers a wide array of available classes on the Student Information System (SIS) during course registration, some inevitably end up getting cancelled each semester due to low student enrollment. The process of course cancellation depends on a variety of factors, including the tenure status of the professor teaching the course and whether or not students could gain similar […]

History on the Hill: The Cannon

Underneath the many coats of paint that cover the Tufts Cannon lies a controversial political history that started one of Tufts’ most well-known traditions. The rules of painting the Civil War artifact, according to the Tufts Admissions website, are simple: it can only be painted at night, and if more than one student or group of students wants to […]

Tufts CARE tackles consent, condoms, candid questions about sex

Seeing the need for a resource that would cater to the needs of victims of sexual assault and misconduct as well as educate the student body about sex, Alexandra Donovan, sexual misconduct prevention specialist, and Nandi Boyne, sexual misconduct resource specialist, created the Tufts Center for Awareness, Resources and Education (CARE) in April 2014. While the Office of […]