Emma Arnesty-Good

Emma Arnesty-Good is a senior majoring in American studies. She can be reached at emma.arnesty_good@tufts.edu.

The second one about just being yourself

This column was only ever, sort of, about hair. But apologies, yet again, if you were expecting a gender theory to explain it all. So here it is: The Last Hairy Woman Column, And It’s Not About Hair (getting away with two headlines). I’ve started to think about the world outside of college — the […]

The history of underarm hair-removal

Well, we’ve certainly veered from the topic of body hair. You must be thinking, “Using the column to persecute spandex-stealers?! How dare she wield her power (?) and fame (?) for non-hair affiliated pursuits!” We’re back to hair! To celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the first advertisement suggesting that women remove their armpit hair, here is […]

Click here to see if you’re a thief!

I’ve been feeling terrified about my future as a human being in “the real world” (enough to postpone graduation? Maybe). But I’d like to discuss my missing bathing suit. That’s right. Someone took my swimming spandex from the gym locker room. I couldn’t believe it. Sure, it wasn’t locked or anything. But who takes a wet, […]

Halloween and me

Halloween sort of haunts me as a concept. It is fraught with outfit questions: When does sexy become too much? When does poking fun become offensive? When do we get to go home and take off these dumb ears? This year, I thought about how I could include my leg hair in my costume. Dirty […]

Ode to female friendship

I’ve recently acquired a new female friend. When I first met my new friend, I didn’t think we would get along. To describe her, I would have used the word “sharp.” By which I mean, she had sharp edges, uneven and rough. Her speech had an underlying competition to it that I couldn’t stand. Her […]

Just keep swimming

This semester I decided to take a swimming course. I love swimming in pools. I love swimming in the ocean. I love swimming in the river. You guessed it! I love swimming in general. You should know that I don’t own a one-piece bathing suit. I tend to be what I call a delayed-response pooper, […]

Are you there God? It’s me, that girl that wrote you poetry that one time

I began freshman year with a mix of self-loathing, contempt, depression and a dash of delusion. I was working eight-hour shifts at a café nearby because I wanted to support myself, and thus felt that everyone else was childish and entitled. But we all know that game. I call it “cool, aloof girl that doesn’t know […]

Becoming a girl

My descent into girlhood was a confusing process. At 11, I realized that I had budding breasts and tried to rub them off. My parents watched, cackling at the sight of me rolling on the ground. They didn’t see the severity of what this meant, but I knew. It would seal my fate as a […]

Are you my host mother?

As promised, here are some thoughts on my Argentine host mother: My host mom was a diva. That’s right, a DIVA. I never knew her real height because she always wore heels. One of the first conversations we had was about my leg hair, which had been growing for nine months at that point and […]


Oh dear. That sums up how I feel going into this first column. “Utter dread” is another phrase I’ve been thinking about to describe the feeling. On Sunday, realizing I was contractually bound to writing something on a weekly basis, I went into full panic-mode. I thought about all of the Discrete Mathematics homework I […]