Life is beautifully chaotic. What draws me to art is that it has the ability to make chaos beautiful. Art simplifies our essence of being. It does so not though imposing order, but rather by making tangible the raw emotions of human nature and our surroundings. Yet, art is simultaneously dynamic and complex; it allows one to determine one's own definition of existence though deep contemplation. I find this multi-faceted nature of art highly appealing. Having defined the root of my artistic passion, I will now reveal some background about myself. As you have probably guessed, I am majoring in art history in addition to political science. I spend my weekends at local coffee shops ( I especially love the Thinking Cup) and museums. Hailing from San Diego, even after two years I am still getting used to the East Coast mentality and weather. However, I have quickly adjusted to the culture of Boston and grown to appreciate the wealth of art that surrounds our campus.

Abstract Amalgamations

Contemporary art has evolved far beyond the classical European construct. Rather than adopting linear narratives, art has become tangential. The process of creation is often emphasized more so than creation itself. Artistic trends have become more daring as society gradually expands its conception of beauty. Through accepting the imperfect as beautiful, the definition of art […]

Representations of Nothingness

Not only do we seek to order our lives, but also we seek to order our interpretation of art. Living in an age of innovation, we seek immediate gratification through technology. We, the public, are currently enraptured with the marvels of modern technology and modernization. However, while we are products of a modern age, at […]

The beauty of extravagance

Mimicking the architecture of a Venetian Palazzo, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum exudes an air of opulence. Masked by an unassuming modern outer structure, the original foundation lies beyond the concrete and glass barrier. The transparent concourse linking the modern architecture with the retrofitted early 20th century original acts as a conduit, transporting the museum-goer […]

Geometric destruction

The beauty of dilapidation reveals the cyclical nature of life. As the grandiose is detached from the grand, each component is shown in its singular form. The seamlessness of creation is fractured, unmasking the creator’s artifice. Life is seen as it is: unfiltered and unaware. Capturing the subtle transformations of physical, natural and human forces, […]

Defining Desire in ‘Divine Desire’

Desiring to aesthetically render the allure of human flesh, artists have sought innovative ways to represent the human body — both over-sexualizing and muting its carnal nature. The nude in the classical period, while often devoid of clothing, carefully concealed the nakedness of its form, replacing the overtly erotic with a refined grace. However, as […]

Calder’s Contortions

Undulating, twisting and floating, Calder’s mobiles create perfect symmetry from imperfect objects. Odds and ends of metal painted in blaringly bright primary colors produce this mesmerizing mixture of media. Tangibly dense yet seemingly weightless, Calder’s mobiles gracefully orbit. Revolutionizing modern sculpture in the 20th century, Calder introduced surrealism into the tradition of modern American art. […]

The Mysterious and Manicured Met

Braving the bus, the long blocks and the masses of people, I stood in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s monumental neoclassical facade after a trying four and a half hour bus ride. This Saturday, I was determined to view the Met’s Asian Art Centennial in its entirety. The museum’s comprehensive displays — capturing five millennia […]

MIT’s mechanical sculptures

Levers switch, gears churn and bolts slide. The mechanical clicks of Arthur Ganson’s unique creations fill the exhibition space. Differing from the eerie stillness of a typical museum setting, the MIT Museum is infused with an atmosphere of kinetic activity. I found myself entranced by the feats of gestural engineering, a medium that starkly diverges […]

Vibrant swatches: Rothko’s Harvard murals

Harvard. Our illustrious neighboring academic institution proves more than an academic rival. Pushing aside the cliché of Harvard exclusivity, the university houses a newly remodeled collection of its three art museums, the Arthur M. Sackler, Fogg and Busch-Reisinger, that are open to the public. The impressive collections are displayed beneath a natural skylight, which infuses the structure […]

Futuristic Forms: Klimt and Kokoschka

Since I took my last column to look back at the Goya exhibition, this week I chose the Klimt and Kokoschka works that are currently on view at the MFA. Diverging from the darkness which characterizes Goya’s work, a permeation of light defines Klimt’s manner of creation. Klimt creates a fantasy world complete with speckled […]