Emilia Nathan is a Contributing Writer at the Tufts Daily.

Bite-Size Science: FDA approves over-the-counter Narcan, an antidote for opioid overdose

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Narcan for over-the-counter sale on March 29. Narcan, which is also known by its generic name, naloxone, is a fast-acting nasal spray medication produced by Emergent BioSolutions that reverses opioid overdoses. The decision comes two weeks after the Nonprescription Drugs Advisory Committee and Anesthetic and Analgesic Drug Products […]

U.S. surgeon general develops new framework for mental well-being in the workplace

The issue of the workplace’s impact on workers’ physical and emotional health has been a topic of discussion largely not part of the portfolio of the Office of the Surgeon General. That was the standard until a recent report was released on Oct. 20, 2022, by Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy.  The “Surgeon General’s Framework […]

Bite-Size Science: A pandemic of the animal kingdom? Bird flu outbreak spreads to marine mammal populations

While humans worry about the impending threats of COVID-19 and monkeypox, seals in the northeastern United States might have a different virus to worry about: bird flu. The marine mammals have come down this summer with a new strain of H5N1, which is believed to have spilled over to them from birds.  The disease has […]

Bite-Size Science: Guilty verdict for former nurse RaDonda Vaught raises questions about the future of truth-telling in medicine

A nurse was found guilty of gross neglect and negligent homicide last month in a high-profile medical error case that some health care professionals argue could set a bleak precedent for mistakes in medicine. RaDonda Vaught was working as a nurse at Vanderbilt University Medical Center when, on Dec. 26, 2017, she made a mistake […]