Ellie is a first year and is a contributing writer for the Tufts Daily. She can be reached at [email protected]

Op-ed: The vulnerable status of Roe v. Wade and the bleak state of American democracy

Content warning: This article mentions sexual assault. In the wake of the omicron variant threatening to paralyze the world, the story of the Mississippi abortion case is somewhat overshadowed. Yet, the Supreme Court’s inclination to uphold the Mississippi abortion law — one that would overtly undermine Roe v. Wade — marks a grave reality of […]

‘We’re trying to catch up’: Governments enforce strict regulations on communities as COVID-19 worsens

City and county officials throughout the U.S. lead the response to COVID-19, enacting stricter measures as the total number of cases increases As COVID-19 continues to spread across the country, local governments have taken drastic measures in an attempt to contain the virus. Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone says municipalities and states have two tools at […]

In midst of campus renovations, Lewis residents faced flood damage

Lewis Hall is one of the largest of the six traditional residence halls on campus for sophomores, housing 57 doubles, 74 singles and three triples. Lewis has undergone several renovations in recent years including bathroom repairs and roofing replacements, according to Gretchen Von Grossmann, director of capital programs at Tufts. She added that there are […]

Construction on Miller, Houston Halls generates excitement, concern among residents

Since May, Miller Hall — one of Tufts’ 11 residence halls that house first-years — has been undergoing massive construction. According to the university’s Operations Division website, Miller is being renovated to have new elevators, accessible common spaces and safety code upgrades, among other improvements. Construction on Miller Hall is slated to be complete in December, though students are currently living […]