Liz Shelbred was a News and Investigative writer at The Tufts Daily, as well as a former Associate Editor and Executive Opinion Editor. She is a senior studying International Relations and Civic Studies. Liz can be reached at [email protected].

Reviewing housing at Tufts: Can a crisis years in the making be put in the past?

A shuttle marked with “Hyatt Direct” on its headsign. The construction of modular homes on the Vouté Tennis Courts. Students making do in forced triples and doubles. Whether you are a prospective student, a senior or a longtime Somerville or Medford resident, one stroll around Tufts’ campus is sufficient to see the pervasive effects of […]

Tufts Children’s Hospital closes to increase space for adult patients, faces community backlash

Tufts Children’s Hospital announced at a Jan. 20 press conference that it would convert its 41 pediatric inpatient beds to adult ICU medical and surgery beds in hopes of increasing adult critical care by 20%. Wellforce, the hospital’s parent company, reached an agreement to transfer pediatric patients in need of inpatient care to Boston Children’s […]

Smith reflects on progress, future of divestment from fossil fuels

University President Anthony Monaco announced in February that Tufts would prohibit direct investments in 120 coal and tar sands companies. In addition, the university committed to investing between $10 to 25 million in positive impact funds, which seek to make a positive environmental impact in addition to generating a return on investment over the next […]

Downhill on-campus residents report sporadic hot water outages

Residents in downhill dorms experienced sporadic bouts without hot water in showers throughout September and October, resulting in confusion about the cause of the hot water shortage and uncertainty regarding when the issue would be fixed. While Tufts Facilities Services concluded that issues regarding access to hot water have since been resolved, some residents have […]

Tufts cancels on-campus Homecoming events, offers virtual alternatives for alumni

The Office of Alumni Engagement and Tufts University Advancement decided not to hold Homecoming events on campus in fall 2021 due to health and safety concerns related to COVID-19. This marks the second fall that Tufts has decided against holding an in-person Homecoming, another Tufts tradition upended by the pandemic. Dr. Michael Jordan, university infection […]

Tufts names Craig Smith university CIO, TCA and TREE discuss university investments

Craig Smith, the co-chief investment officer ad interim since March 2020, was named the chief investment officer of Tufts University, overseeing the university’s $2 billion endowment. The appointment became effective on April 16. Smith said his responsibilities as CIO will be identical to those he held in his interim position. As CIO, he will lead […]

Letter from the Managing Board: Celebrating 41 years

Today marks the 41st anniversary of The Tufts Daily. While we don’t often talk about ourselves, we’d like to use these pages on our anniversary to celebrate our accomplishments and acknowledge the work that lies ahead.