Elizabeth Foster is a former Associate Editor at The Tufts Daily. She is a junior studying computer science. Elizabeth can be reached at [email protected]

Liz in London: An anticlimactic milestone

During a four-hour road trip with my boss this summer, I was asked if I liked beer. He meant the question in a millenialized-Boston-craft-brewery type of way, and I awkwardly responded that no, I did not like the few sips I have had (none of which would count as beer to him). My 23-year-old housemate […]

Liz in London: Solo travel in Trastevere

In London, my phone is used for Google Maps, music and sudoku. My preferred no-service-friendly app to use on flights, on the Tube, in a queue, sudoku is conducive to zoning out and reflecting while I absent-mindedly fill in the dependencies. And, dear reader, I have played a lot of sudoku in the last two […]

Liz in London: Sense of Home: The soul of a city

About a year ago, in the depths of the computer science internship application season, Ming Chow, patron saint of the Tufts CS Jobs Piazza, spoke to the Introduction to Security class about the steps to finding an internship or job. The first thing he mentioned was choosing a city.  Now, being a sophomore who would […]

Liz in London: Sense of home — the little things

Packing up every material good you will need for an entire semester into one large suitcase and a carry-on is stressful. To approach the problem, I made a color-coordinated spreadsheet that masterminded every outfit combination I could make with my given inputs. Needless to say, there was little room for room decorations. My “Natasha, Pierre […]

Liz in London: Less study, more abroad

So far this “study” abroad experience has looked like spending time abroad rather than spending time studying. Compared to Tufts and other U.S. universities, most coursework occurs in 2–3 assignments. On the module (class) registration portal, the weightings are explained: 25% learning log, 25% source analysis, 50% research essay; 20% weekly activities, 15% each midterm, […]

Liz in London: On food and art

While living in Medford this summer, my friends and I excitedly discussed studying and traveling abroad: who knew who in which countries, what airlines were the cheapest to fly across the pond and, most importantly, the food. I’ve accidentally put myself in the position of eating dining hall beans and toast, but considering the traditional […]

Liz in London: Unfamiliar places with familiar faces

Just as I thought I was getting comfortable enough with the direction of traffic to begin jaywalking (safely, at least), I left the U.K. for the EU. I didn’t realize just how accessible travel across Europe was until I was looking up Ryanair flights only two weeks in advance of my planned trip. Before studying […]

Liz in London: An American’s ode to McDonald’s

When I chose to go abroad, I was told I couldn’t be an RA. Now, I wasn’t not disappointed that I wouldn’t be living among 18-year-olds, but as I live on-campus abroad, I find myself, once again, living among 18-year-olds. The 23 Tufts students studying abroad at Queen Mary filed into Pooley House, living two […]

Liz in London: From funerals to furry conventions

In June of 2019, my father and I completed the Great College Tour, on which we drove from Wisconsin to Massachusetts and visited nine colleges in seven days. During the 20 hours we spent in the city of Boston, we visited the Boston Public Market for dinner and the Quincy Market. Surrounded by so many […]

Tufts researchers create membrane that filters fluoride out of water

Throughout her career, Ayse Asatekin, associate professor of chemical and biological engineering at Tufts University, has sought to use filters to prevent illness and protect the environment. One mineral that performs this function is fluoride, which results in dental and skeletal fluorosis. Fluorosis is a degradation of bones or teeth that happens when fluoride is […]

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