Elizabeth Buehl is a first-year who has not yet declared their major. Elizabeth can be reached at [email protected]

Sobremesa: The Santa María’s war path

Public education glorifies Columbus as a supernatural figure that discovered "unexplored" land. It is time we question this presentation: are we giving children textbooks filled with facts, or fiction?

Sobremesa: Fighting food deserts in the United States

On a campus where fresh fruit and warm sandwiches are just a click away, it can be hard to remember that there are areas of our developed nation where proper nutrition is hard to come by.

Sobremesa: Falling through the cracks of COVID-19

It would be easy to point blame at our federal and state governments, but the best option right now is to implement concrete solutions to get American children back on the path toward academic success.

Sobremesa: We must do more to transform the criminal justice system

In Spanish, Sobremesa is a word that describes the time before and after a meal when people spend time catching up. I chose this title because while Sobremesa is a hallmark of Hispanic culture, this word has no direct English translation, illustrating the tendency of the American culture to skip over meaningful, casual discussion. Each week, Sobremesa will be a place to come to open your eyes to a social justice issue that you may want to bring to your own dining table.