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Sobremesa: The importance of equitable vaccination distribution

In an ideal world, this developed nation would have produced enough vaccinations to provide doses to all Americans as soon as possible. But given our current political climate and the limited number of doses available, one approach that has a fighting chance at providing a standard of health care equity is ensuring not only that the vaccine is financially accessible to all, but that minority voices are included in statewide task forces.

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Sobremesa: Feminist finale

Lines of feminism can be drawn through history for centuries past. From property rights, to suffrage and Title IX, the landscape of our gendered society has transformed immensely. As we now prepare to usher a female into the seat of vice president, it is time to both marvel at progress as well as look toward areas where work still needs to be done.

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Sobremesa: Breaking barriers

Immigration has always been fundamental to the growth of the United States, yet the rights of U.S. immigrants continue to be challenged. Since his 2016 presidential election campaign, President Donald Trump has advocated for “building the wall.” Now, in a time of changing presidential administrations, the protection of the rights of undocumented immigrants has been thrown into question.

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Sobremesa: Navigating a sharp landscape

Hostile architecture harmfully targets homeless individuals, especially those struggling with addiction or financial insecurity. In order to combat this coldhearted movement, we need big-picture, systematic change.

Sobremesa: Why the youth vote matters

Just as the United States has transformed the spectrum of eligible voters many times in the past, Americans today revisit the question of who should be given the right to vote in order to restore political efficacy.

Sobremesa: Costume or culture?

Halloween is known by Americans as a fun, lighthearted day to dress up and spend time with friends and family. But this seemingly innocent tradition can easily cross the line into insensitive cultural appropriation.

Sobremesa: Blooming disparities

Although the media does not prioritize its coverage and some political leaders disqualify it, climate change is looming over our society and affects all aspects of our world. But when you look through a narrower lens, there is a more subtle subdivision of climate change that adversely impacts our society right now: water pollution caused by algal blooms.

Sobremesa: The Santa María’s war path

Public education glorifies Columbus as a supernatural figure that discovered "unexplored" land. It is time we question this presentation: are we giving children textbooks filled with facts, or fiction?

Sobremesa: Fighting food deserts in the United States

On a campus where fresh fruit and warm sandwiches are just a click away, it can be hard to remember that there are areas of our developed nation where proper nutrition is hard to come by.

Sobremesa: Falling through the cracks of COVID-19

It would be easy to point blame at our federal and state governments, but the best option right now is to implement concrete solutions to get American children back on the path toward academic success.