Eli Striker is a sophomore studying international relations. Eli can be reached at [email protected]

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The Strike Zone: ‘The Torture Letters’ and police brutality

The documentary crafted narrative-based accounts of suffering instead of displaying explicit content, compelling viewers to listen to and center its subjects. “The Torture Letters” makes persuasive ethical claims on its audience because its first-person narration and focus on children’s experiences allow viewers to empathize with victims of police brutality. 

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The Strike Zone: Solidarity and human rights in Colombia

The Colombian military has long felt animosity toward Colombian non-governmental organizations, which they associate with leftist groups, and believes that human rights NGOs weaponize media and technology to unfairly scapegoat the military for the two-sided civil war. This mutual animosity has led to decades of human rights violations, as both groups vilify the other and justify violence against the opposite party.

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The Strike Zone: ‘Other Worlds’ and neoliberalism

Globalization, when utilized effectively, is a crucial component of the modern economy, as it allows products to be distributed across the globe, including to people who would normally lack access to key resources. However, the recent distributional blunders of key products such as vaccines and masks have demonstrated that we, as a society, cannot be completely economically reliant on globalization.

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The Strike Zone: Vaccine nationalism

This phenomenon of “vaccine nationalism” is politically advantageous, but proponents of vaccine nationalism are lacking in moral and epidemiological merit. Although it theoretically makes sense for countries to vaccinate their own citizens before helping others, this action unfairly exacerbates socioeconomic disparities between wealthy and developing countries, and opens the door for vaccine-resistant COVID-19 variations to emerge.

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The Strike Zone: ‘The Social Dilemma’ and fascism

"Dialectic of Enlightenment" was published after the Nazi propaganda machine fully infiltrated German society and offers a unique perspective on the roles of mass media and fascism. Similarly, Netflix’s recent documentary "The Social Dilemma" (2020) analyzes how social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter promote the spread of misleading, hyperpartisan information.

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The Strike Zone: US, China and Taiwan

The United States has pledged to defend Taiwan for moral reasons, as the U.S. sees itself as a standard-bearer for democracy worldwide. However, the U.S. government often fails to walk the proverbial walk when it places human rights-based ultimatums on other countries, and it has a history of neglecting democracy when it benefits America economically.

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The Strike Zone: The resurgence of right-wing nationalism in Germany

Despite Germany’s highly publicized atonement for its actions during the Holocaust, far-right viewpoints and Nazi memorials are present in rural areas of the European nation. Moreover, right-wing nationalism has witnessed a resurgence in German politics.

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The Strike Zone: Why nuclear weapons are good for peace

It may sound counterintuitive, but nuclear weaponry has been crucial in preventing major warfare since World War II. The threat of mutually assured nuclear destruction deters countries from engaging in total interstate wars and gives countries incentive to strengthen international institutions through arms control treaties and collective security measures.