David is a junior studying international relations. David can be reached at [email protected].

Potty Talk: The final flush

Today, we join our spiritual predecessor Larry Bacow and come out of retirement. Just as Larry left in search of a better life, today we too say our goodbyes. We hope, however, to leave one nugget of our wisdom behind. For our final flush, we will reveal undeniably the greatest bathroom on Tufts’ campus. We […]

Potty Talk: The wide world of bathrooms

In honor of commencement and the last ever Potty Talk, I have decided to turn my attention briefly away from Tufts University and toward everywhere else. In these next 500 words, I will attempt to review all of the world’s bathrooms that are not on Tufts University’s campus with my four-metric scale that some have […]

Potty Talk: The chosen potty

In honor of Passover, the Jewish festival of digestive problems, I have taken it upon myself to review the bathrooms of Tufts’ Jewish community at Hillel. AMBIANCE The most notable element of the bathrooms here are signs that hang above the toilets that read, “Our aim is to keep this bathroom clean, your aim will […]

Potty Talk: Pearson Part 1 — level of discharge

I have never been in a Tufts building as mystifying as the Michael wing of Pearson Hall. To get there, you need only enter Pearson’s front door, take a right and then walk down a long, foreboding corridor as the decor slowly morphs decades into the past. The architect of this wing (presumably the eponymous […]

Potty Talk: A celebrity in our bathrooms

This week, rumors flew around Tufts’ campus. Everyone could feel a disturbance in the plumbing as someone of great import was touring our bathrooms. Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-MA, was hanging out in the Campus Center trying to make new friends. In that process, she probably ended up using at least one of the Campus Center’s […]

Potty Talk: Boweling Hall

Most Tufts students probably haven’t been in Dowling Hall since their campus-touring days in high school. Others visit frequently to pick up the newest copy of JUMBO Magazine. Whichever camp you fall into, Dowling Hall’s bathrooms are indubitably the gateway into Tufts lavatories. AMBIANCE There are plenty of bathrooms on campus that contain study spaces, […]

Potty Talk: Not-so-Fresh at Carmichael

As I have already discussed this semester, Fresh at Carmichael’s Tuesday special — cauliflower gratin — is likely to be the single most common cause of bathroom use at Tufts. This fact alone makes the Carm bathrooms some of the most important restrooms on campus. AMBIANCE Despite pretty good all-gender accommodations, the gendered bathrooms have […]

Potty Talk: Potties of a far-off land

Potty Talk: Potties of a far off land When I, for the second time in my three years at Tufts, walked into 574 Boston Ave., my legs were weary and my beard visibly longer than it had been when I set out. After I set my hiking sticks aside, I lifted my eyes to the […]

Potty Talk: Phantom Filene

It is possible that nobody has ever been inside Lincoln Filene Hall. Have you ever heard a friend tell you they’re off to class in Lincoln Filene? If you have, do you really believe them? This building, for all intents and purposes, does not exist. But still, as is the eternal condition of buildings around […]

Potty Talk: Barnum’s last act

Barnum Hall is known for its status as the only nice building available to humanities students, but lesser known are its anomalous bathrooms. Renovated from 2018–19, Barnum’s visionaries seem to have had a more naive view of what a bathroom could be than the rigid designers of newer buildings like the Cummings Center did. Instead […]