Drew Weisberg is a first-year studying psychology and film and media studies. Drew can be reached at [email protected]

Hidden Panels: ‘Secret Wars’ (2015)

This week I thought I’d do something a little special. Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe just took home its first Oscar gold this past Sunday, I think that we ought to celebrate the Marvel universe as a whole … by watching it get destroyed. Strap in gang: We’re talking about “Secret Wars” by Jonathan Hickman […]

Hidden Panels: Secret Six Vol. 2 — Money for murder

In the world of comics, there is an endless cavalcade of “good people doing good things:” Batman, Spiderman, etc. There’re even a few books about “bad people doing good things,” we’ve got the “Suicide Squad,” “Deadpool,” “The Punisher,” so on and so forth. So here comes the inevitable question: Is there a bad-people-doing-bad things book? The answer […]

Hidden Panels: ‘Transmetropolitan’ Issue 2

Anyone who plans on reading this column long term should probably be warned that they’re going to be hearing a lot about Warren Ellis. A one-in-a-million freak of the comic book industry, Ellis is the kind of creator that takes the medium and turns it on its head. Whether it’s injecting X-files style conspiracy narratives into […]

Hidden Panels: ‘Superior Spider-Man’ issue 5

‘How come (insert superhero here) doesn’t just kill the bad guys? Then the bad guys wouldn’t be able to get out and hurt more people,’ inquire many comic book fans. Ok, enough with the straw man. Comic book heroes who don’t kill people shouldn’t start, and I can think of no better example of why […]