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Drew Weisberg is a junior studying film and media studies. Drew can be reached at [email protected]

Holiday season must-watches

While the holiday season is going to look a little different this year, your ability to watch classic holiday films from the safety of your residence prevails. Here's what the Arts & Pop Culture editors have to say about their favorite holiday movies.

Eli Beutel wins COVID-eo Film Festival and Competition

Beutel took heavy inspiration from the 1943 experimental film classic of a similar name, “Meshes of the Afternoon” by Maya Deren.

‘Jaws’ screenwriter Carl Gottlieb participates in fin-tastic FMS discussion

The discussion, which was organized by the film and media studies program and hosted by Jennifer Burton, was frank, humorous and intriguing, while also serving as a poignant reflection on a storied journey beginning in the "golden age" of Hollywood and extending into the modern day.

Crossover #1 is a fast-paced blend of style, substance

Its breakneck pace and occasional dips into cheesiness may be hard to swallow for some, especially strangers to the medium. For those with an open mind, a love for comics or the desire for an out-of-the-box monthly read, then I can’t recommend Crossover enough.

Weekender: ‘Ghostbusters’ still scares up big fun 36 years later

“Ghostbusters” (1984) is a marvel: an oddball masterpiece that is as endlessly quotable as it is endlessly rewatchable. There, that should be sufficient, go watch it. 

‘The Cabin with Bert Krischer’ is a long trip for a ‘meh’ destination

I’m not sure what brought about “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer” (2020), a Netflix miniseries that, despite a few laughs and unexpectedly emotional moments, fails to stitch together a wholly satisfying experience.

American Vampire 1976 #1 has some bite

A comic’s first issue is typically many things, a jumping-on point for new readers, a reintroduction for veterans to the canon and maybe a chance to establish a new status quo in a concise manner. The first issue of Scott Snyder’s “American Vampire 1976” has inherited this unique problem, but manages to accomplish all the stated goals all while Rafael Albuquerque’s art (and Dave McCaig’s coloring) gives every panel a spark of life.

Truth, Justice & The American Way: A look back at Action Comics #775

Don't let its age fool you, Action Comics #775 is the comic for today. In the midst of unprecedented change, it is somewhat reassuring to have something that advocates for us all to dream big.

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‘Challenger: The Final Flight’ flies high

“Challenger: The Final Flight” is a series that doesn’t quite overcome the tropes of documentary filmmaking, but remains a well-told and engaging story nonetheless.

‘Detective Comics #1,027’ (2020) is a celebration of style, but of little substance

For almost $10, though, the stories are sadly hit or miss, with some incredible highs and some disappointing lows.