Devina Bhalla is a columnist at the Tufts Daily. She is a sophomore majoring in sociology and English. Devina can be reached at

Bhallin’ with Books: Retelling a classic

Once in high school, while reflecting on my past education, a peer mentioned how weird it is that so many children are taught Greek mythology. I had never questioned it and at first did not see the strangeness of it. They’re captivating stories that kids seem to love, so why not? Yet, with more thought, I […]

Bhallin’ with Books: On often overlooked O’Hara

​My ambition is really coming to bite me this week. I am currently working my way through a collection of John O’Hara’s short stories. Even with ample effort and excellent intentions, I did not end up finishing the collection entitled “The New York Stories” (2013). This selection includes most of O’Hara’s stories that were set […]

Bhallin’ with Books: Peeking into a bookshop life

​ ​I have spent an insanely large proportion of my life hidden between stacks of books. A few years ago, I caught the used and rare bookstore bug and have never gone back. I love to hold a book that has had its own life while thinking of each hand that has turned this page […]

Alice Hoffman aims to create beauty with new novel

Alice Hoffman added another title to her prolific body of work on Tuesday with the debut of her novel “The World That We Knew” (2019). On the evening of its release, the best-selling author of over 30 works of fiction appeared at the Brattle Theatre for a brief reading and shared insights into the process […]

Bhallin’ with Books: Kerouac and ‘The Subterraneans’

​It might have been slightly ambitious to commit to reading a book a week. Luckily for you, I just made the deadline with my reading of “The Subterraneans” (1958) by Jack Kerouac.  ​Yes, it’s a novella and not a full novel, but it definitely still counts, right? ​Beatnik literature, or that of Allen Ginsberg, William […]

Bhallin’ with Books: Mourning Morrison through respect

“Read anything, as long as you can’t wait to pick it up again.” Nick Hornby, “Ten Years in the Tub” (2013). Classes and homework come around and, like clockwork, I forget every book I was itching to read by Sept. 1. My 2019 school year resolution is to stop this from happening. There are way […]