Tufts Futurism Society debates moral, ethical issues of advanced technology

What if you could live to be 200 years old? What if you could increase your IQ by 300 points? What if you could live with a new colony of humans in space? To the members of the Futurism Society at Tufts, these prospects arent just flights of fancy theyre the starting points of lively […]

At Taste of Tufts: Sam Sommers presents research on racial diversity

   The Taste of Tufts series, sponsored by the Experimental College, returned last Friday with the first of 10 weekly lectures presenting a diverse sample of faculty research. Associate Professor of Psychology Sam Sommers presented his findings in the field of social psychology in a lecture entitled “Examining Racial Diversity: A Behavioral Science Approach.” “Diversity […]

After two and a half years, roommate sex policy still has no appreciable effect

There it was, in plain English, on page 38 of the 2009-2010 edition of “Habitats,” the Office of Residential Life and Learning’s (ResLife) student handbook. “You may not engage in sexual activity while your roommate is present in the room,” the newly revised guest policy read. “Any sexual activity within your assigned room should not […]

A Taste of Tufts: David Locke

The Experimental College (Ex College)−sponsored “A Taste of Tufts: A Sampling of Faculty Research” lecture series continued last Friday, with Associate Professor of Music David Locke at bat. At the lecture, Locke presented his multimedia research on the drumming of the Dagomba, an ethnic group in Ghana. Locke discussed his use of the Digital Collections […]

Faith on the Hill: Buddhism

Mindful, conscientious, contemplative — not exactly words commonly used to describe college students, whose primary responsibilities are often limited to showing up to class and getting decent grades. But a small group of Tufts students — though not quite living monastically — apply these principles of Buddhism, with varying degrees of devotion, to their daily […]

Faith on the Hill: Catholicism

  Thou shalt engage in drinking, pre-marital sex and shameless self-absorption. The unwritten rules of the college lifestyle — or at least the stereotype of such — can’t exactly be mistaken for tenets of Catholicism, which is why minefields abound for strict Catholic students who pursue higher education at secular institutions like Tufts. Though senior […]

University professors give Wikipedia a facelift

The legitimacy of Wikipedia, the popular online user-edited encyclopedia, as an academic resource has long been doubted; citing information from the website on a research paper would likely result in derision by one’s professor, if not a flat-out F. But a new pilot project created by the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization that operates Wikipedia, […]

Tufts Student Fund tweaks its message, keeps its eye on participation

Being a Jumbo has never been pricier — and one student-run initiative is revamping its attempts to alleviate the cost of a Tufts education for one Jumbo. With a yearly price tag of more than $50,000 for tuition, room, board and fees, Tufts ranks as the second most expensive school in Massachusetts, according to a […]

Drunkorexics’ skip meals to offset extra calorie intake from binge drinking

Excessive alcohol consumption is undoubtedly a contributing factor to the dreaded “freshman 15” — but at what point does compensating for those liquor calories become a full−blown eating disorder? “Drunkorexia,” though not a medical or technical term, is colloquially used among researchers and mental health professionals to describe behavior that combines disordered eating — like […]

Helicopter parents’ have trouble letting college students grow up

The helicopter may be slightly farther away, but make no mistake — it’s still hovering. As the newest class of Jumbos settles into college life and the immediate thrill of increased autonomy fades, so too does the mistaken belief that protective — excessively or otherwise — parents colloquially known as “helicopter parents” will lessen their […]