Deeksha Bathini

Deeksha Bathini is the Executive Opinion Editor at the Tufts Daily. Deeksha is a sophomore majoring in community health. Deeksha can be reached at All opinion section-related inquires can go to

America is dying: The case for intersectional healthcare research

The ethics of healthcare research is a topic of contention. As a country, we have been unable to define who deserves the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — is it white men, women, the elderly, maybe children? The answer should be “all of the above,” but it takes one look […]

America is dying: Title X, another battle in the war of reproductive access

As President Trump addressed the nation in the State of the Union, a sea of women wearing white flooded the benches of the United States Capitol. The color white is symbolic of the trailblazers who paved the way for women’s suffrage. This display of solidarity was inspiring, and the diversity of these congresswomen created a sense of […]

America is dying: Opioid addiction

The opioid epidemic has pervaded American life. This public health crisis began when physicians over-prescribed this highly effective painkiller, not knowing its addictive nature. Efforts to decrease opioid prescriptions caused many to turn to purchasing substances such as heroin and fentanyl, which are illegally manufactured and extremely potent. Within the past decade and a half, […]

Letter from the Opinion Editor

Content warning: This letter discusses sexual assault. Today we are running two students’ experiences as survivors of sexual assault at Tufts. The first occurred in 1985. The second, in 2015. This issue is deeply entrenched in our culture and occurs in our very own community. Among respondents to the 2017 Tufts Attitudes About Sexual Conduct Survey, […]