Deeksha Bathini

Deeksha Bathini is the Executive Opinion Editor at the Tufts Daily. Deeksha is a sophomore majoring in community health. Deeksha can be reached at All opinion section-related inquires can go to

America is dying: A broken record

We pride ourselves on having the latest and greatest. We revere the robotic surgeons, the state-of-the-art medical devices and the high-tech operating rooms. The speed of innovation in modern society makes it difficult to keep up. We are very much so existing amidst a digital revolution. But, here’s the thing: More advanced technology does not […]

America is dying: Brooklyn ft. the Measles

In 2017, two cases of measles were reported in New York City. Within the last year, 285 cases of measles were identified in New York City. Think about that.  This 142-fold increase has a point source — one unvaccinated individual. This highly contagious disease is fatal, particularly for children and pregnant women who are immunocompromised. […]

America is dying: Big Pharma, with no end in sight

When a diabetic walks into a drugstore, they could pay about $9 to fill their prescription for insulin. Then, American taxpayers could front the rest of the bill, which amounts to around $280. This scenario reveals a little-known fact: When drug prices skyrocket (for no other reason than capitalistic gain), it affects everyone. Diabetic ketoacidosis kills. […]

America is Dying: A growing distrust

The story of Christopher Duntch, known as Dr. Death, is unnerving. As a neurosurgeon in the Dallas area, Duntch botched dozens of surgeries, leaving his patients paralyzed, in pain and even dead. Scalpel in hand and with absolutely no signs of remorse, this man continued to practice for years despite seriously injuring 31 human beings, […]

America is dying: The individual mandate

President Trump’s oh-so-beloved tax agenda was signed into law in 2018. Even though it was a tax bill, the name is deceiving. This bill has a lot of implications for Obama-era healthcare reforms. In a rally in Michigan last spring, Trump even noted, “Some people would say, essentially, we have gotten rid of [Obamacare].” This, […]

America is dying: America’s aging population

It seems that when healthcare is advertised, markets gravitate towards billboards of children, adolescents and young adults. This marketing strategy ignores a large portion of the United States: the elderly. The baby boomer generation is now approaching retirement age, so what exactly does that mean for America? By 2035, the number of elderly people is […]

America is dying: Language is key

The healthcare debate frequently takes the forefront of partisan politics, but there are many reasons why language like “Obamacare” and “Trumpcare” is problematic. Associating presidential administrations with entire healthcare systems creates bias and misinformation. According to a report by the New York Times, one-third of Americans do not know that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act […]

America is dying: Two birds, one stone

Imagine this: America reducing poverty and increasing positive health outcomes at the same time. Federally organized conditional cash transfer (CCT) programs might be the answer we have all been awaiting. According to the World Health Organization, “Conditional cash transfer programs give money to households on the condition that they comply with certain pre-defined requirements.” Meaning, […]

America is dying: The case for intersectional healthcare research

The ethics of healthcare research is a topic of contention. As a country, we have been unable to define who deserves the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — is it white men, women, the elderly, maybe children? The answer should be “all of the above,” but it takes one look […]

America is dying: Title X, another battle in the war of reproductive access

As President Trump addressed the nation in the State of the Union, a sea of women wearing white flooded the benches of the United States Capitol. The color white is symbolic of the trailblazers who paved the way for women’s suffrage. This display of solidarity was inspiring, and the diversity of these congresswomen created a sense of […]