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Deeksha Bathini is a junior studying community health. Deeksha can be reached at

Looking for Life, Destroying Life: Diseases make a comeback

Elimination is local. Eradication is global. Elimination refers to the decrease of a particular disease to a very low defined target number in a particular geographical region. Eradication, however, is defined as the complete and permanent global reduction of a disease to zero. Think of it like this — elimination is a step to eradication. […]

Looking for life, destroying life: Female genital mutilation, part 2

Content warning: This article includes graphic descriptions of violence against women.  In my last column I discussed the physical, biological and emotional ramifications of female genital mutilation (FGM) and muddled through the gray area of cultural compliance and condoning human rights violations. My stance on this issue is summarized by former President Barack Obama’s statement on […]

Looking for Life, Destroying Life: Female genital mutilation

Content warning: This article includes graphic descriptions of violence against women.  Your mom tells you to go into a room. You walk inside and there are many girls, and an elderly woman is sitting on the floor. She asks you to take off your pants. You comply. The girls and your mother pin you down […]

Looking for life, destroying life: Dracunculiasis

Dracunculiasis is Latin for “affliction with little dragons.” This parasitic infection, more commonly known as Guinea-worm disease, is contracted when a human drinks water contaminated with copepods (water fleas) that contain worm larvae. Usually, the infected person remains asymptomatic for a year. Then, the adult worm begins to emerge out of the host’s skin by […]

Looking for life, destroying life: Kibera

Destitution, in the most extreme sense, may seem abstract — perhaps even intangible. But the implications of social inequity are concrete, and they translate into serious, often overlooked, health repercussions for a select few, namely poor people. The air in Kibera is dusty and vaguely smells of gasoline. Streets teem with the hurried comings and […]

Looking for life, destroying life: Why should you care about global health?

Last semester, I wrote a column that explored the pitfalls of the American healthcare system while simultaneously taking Global Health (CH-0056), a course offered by the Department of Community Health. After taking this class, my understanding of health was fundamentally altered. It might seem rather obvious that health is a universal issue; however, the diseases […]

America is dying: A broken record

We pride ourselves on having the latest and greatest. We revere the robotic surgeons, the state-of-the-art medical devices and the high-tech operating rooms. The speed of innovation in modern society makes it difficult to keep up. We are very much so existing amidst a digital revolution. But, here’s the thing: More advanced technology does not […]

America is dying: Brooklyn ft. the Measles

In 2017, two cases of measles were reported in New York City. Within the last year, 285 cases of measles were identified in New York City. Think about that.  This 142-fold increase has a point source — one unvaccinated individual. This highly contagious disease is fatal, particularly for children and pregnant women who are immunocompromised. […]

America is dying: Big Pharma, with no end in sight

When a diabetic walks into a drugstore, they could pay about $9 to fill their prescription for insulin. Then, American taxpayers could front the rest of the bill, which amounts to around $280. This scenario reveals a little-known fact: When drug prices skyrocket (for no other reason than capitalistic gain), it affects everyone. Diabetic ketoacidosis kills. […]

America is Dying: A growing distrust

The story of Christopher Duntch, known as Dr. Death, is unnerving. As a neurosurgeon in the Dallas area, Duntch botched dozens of surgeries, leaving his patients paralyzed, in pain and even dead. Scalpel in hand and with absolutely no signs of remorse, this man continued to practice for years despite seriously injuring 31 human beings, […]